How to Recycle…Everything

By Darragh Worland, Tonic

Have you ever found yourself about to chuck a bunch of packing material after a big move or bringing home that new flat screen TV only to wonder if maybe you could recycle all those peanuts instead? If only you knew where to take them!Well, now you can find out in a hot minute. Earth911 has a toll-free hotline and website with an exhaustive directory of recycling and disposal centers near you. Now, while many municipalities have curbside recycling programs, we all know there are plenty of products that you can’t just pack up in a clear plastic bag and leave at the curb.

Recycling things like batteries, cell phones, gift cards, computers, game consoles, plastic bags, plastic bottle caps and those packing peanuts takes a little more forethought, but it can and should be done, whenever possible.

Earth911 started as a toll-free hotline and directory of recycling listings in 1991, but has since evolved into a website with all kinds of information on recycling, including daily news, feature stories and more.

But rather than ditch the phone system in favor of the website, Earth911 has recently upgraded its hotline to speed and simplify the process of accessing information. Now users can get location-specific information in a jiffy, without being tethered to the Internet. Earth911 also says the phone system is easier to navigate and even bilingual, so now Spanish-speaking Americans can use it, too.

You may recognize the hotline number: 1-800 CLEANUP is featured on hundreds of millions of products nationwide. Companies use it to direct their consumers to recycling and disposal options for hundreds of different items, including potentially toxic substances like paint and motor oil.

With spring cleaning on your to-do list there’s no time like the present to sort through that box of “to-be-recycled-some-day” items.


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Thanks for sharing this information.

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thank you! i looked up earth911&learned they have a canadian branch too! very happy!

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Rebecca B., you " ... think the individual can’t make much difference to climate change unless governments and companies make changes first... "

Of course governments and companies have more impact compared to one individual, but millions and billions of individuals also have a LARGE impact!!

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I clicked "To find out how old your McCormick or Schilling brand spices are " but I didn't find out.

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i think the individual can’t make much difference to climate change unless governments and companies make changes first. On example is with items put into recycling bins in the uk are not always recycled this is because the is not enough recycling plant this the waste in recycling bins goes to landfill