How to Spend More Time With Animals When You Can’t Get a Pet

Love animals, but have a living situation that prohibits you from becoming a pet parent? You’re definitely not alone. To the chagrin of renters everywhere, pet ownership simply isn’t always possible. Whether you rent a pet-free apartment, travel too often, can’t afford to get a pet, or live with someone who has allergies, you can still find ways to spend time with animals. Here are a few ideas to help you get your furry fix.


If you live somewhere that allows you to have pets but you don’t want to adopt one for financial or other reasons, consider fostering. Animal nonprofits often rely on foster pet parents to care for animals while they are waiting for their forever home. Be warned: It’s easy to get attached. But if you think you can handle saying goodbye, pets out there could definitely use your help. Research animal shelters and organizations in your area and reach out to learn more about fostering.


Speaking of animal shelters, it’s no secret that organizations like these often need help. By volunteering with a local organization, you can not only spend time with animals, you can also acquire new professional skills and meet human friends. Depending on where you live, there will be different rules and arrangements that animal shelters have for their volunteers.

Use an App

Sign up for an app like Rover or Wag to start earning a little cash while getting to hang out with animals. These apps usually require a background check and plenty of references, but once you have all of those things in order, you’ll start acquiring clients in your area who may need you to walk their dogs, stop by for mid-afternoon play time, or house sit.

Offer to House Sit

If you’re not comfortable signing up for an app, you can always reach out to friends and family members who own pets and offer to house sit when they go out of town. Better yet, walk their dogs for them! Their dogs will love you for it.

Find Pet-Friendly Establishments

The number of cat cafes across the world has skyrocketed, and for good reason. Ditto for the number of restaurants and bars that allow people to bring their dogs in. Scout out establishments like these in your area and head out for the afternoon to spend some time meeting new furry friends.

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Great article with useful ideas,thanks for sharing

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Never without a pet (at least!).

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Thank goodness that I am able to have pets. My life would not be worth living without them.

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I used to do pet sitting and dog walking with an agency. I loved working with the animals. It was one of my favorite jobs.

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Good suggestions. It's also nice to know your friends' and neighbors' dogs and cats.

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