How to Spring Clean Your Mattress and Bedding

Itís that time of year again. The time when all of us cleaning and organization nerds get to enjoy the process of thoroughly cleaning our houses and decluttering out closetsÖ aka, Spring Cleaning.

But while you probably have the DIY cleaning products you need already figured out, you may be stalling when it comes to knowing what to do about your bed. Cleaning your bedding and mattress is one of the most daunting parts of a deep home clean. Hereís how to do it (and how to do it chemical-free, by the way).

Step 1: Clean Your Sheets

This one is a no-brainer, but just like you (hopefully) do every other week, toss your sheets into the wash. Wash them on high heat to kill any lingering mites or bacteria. You can use a DIY laundry detergent to keep things nice and toxin-free.

Step 2: Clean Your Pillows

Next, clean your pillows according to the instructions on the cleaning tag. Most pillows are machine-wash friendly, but a couple of helpful hacks make the process even more foolproof. For one thing, clean two pillows at a time to avoid uneven weight distribution in your washing machine. Additionally, rolling your pillow and securing the ends will help keep the pillow fluff evenly distributed within the pillow.

After the wash cycle, run your pillows through on a rinse-only cycle twice. This will help ensure that thereís no lingering soap in the pillows, which could irritate your skin. Lay the pillows out in the sun to dry if possible.

Last but not least, if you havenít already, invest in an organic pillow cover to protect your skin from dead skin cells, bacteria and mites that sneak into your pillows as the weeks go on.

Step 3: Clean Your Mattress

Finally, itís time for the most intimidating task of all: Cleaning your mattress! First, wash your mattress cover just as you did with your sheets. If there are no color bleeding issues, you can even feel free to toss the cover into the same load as the sheets.

Now that your bed is stripped down, if possible, take your mattress outside and let it sit in the sun! Place a clean tarp or old sheet beneath it to prevent it from touching the dirt. The sun has a tendency to clean what it touches, and the fresh air will help disperse scents and smells that may have accumulated. After it has sat in the sun for a little while, shake it and beat it gently just as you would a rug, helping to get rid of dust and other debris.

Take the mattress back in side and place it on your bed. Sprinkle it with a little baking soda, and then vacuum the soda off about 30 minutes later. Do this on both sides. Finally, if your mattress has collected any stains, spot-treat with a safe bleach alternative and allow to dry completely.

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Image credit: Kinga Cichewicz via Unsplash


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