J.L. A.
j A4 years ago

good to be aware of

Patricia H.
Patricia H5 years ago

interesting, thanks for sharing

colleen p.
colleen p5 years ago

sometimes they are empty. people want to be nice and lie. they are false compliments.

like telling someone "yes, your idea for that movie you call Cave Mom, the one where some weird rift brings a 'cavewoman' into modren day and she shacks up with the widowed archaeologist and his 4 children, one of which is a typical agnsty teen with problems, and a 8 year old with fears and issues and no self essteme. it would make a great film!"

or telling someone who has half a face, a flipper for an arm and obscenity that they are pretty.

Jamie Clemons
Jamie C5 years ago

You are beautiful and wonderful all of you.

Will Rogers
Will R5 years ago

It's true! We are up our own arses and it's also because we are suspicious, and think 'What do you want?'

Magdalen B.
Magdalen B5 years ago

Gushing, "I love you!You're the greatest ever!" is a touch over effusive. I think most people, even "Brits" are quite happy to accept sincere sounding compliments even from those they don't know.

Milan L.
Milan L5 years ago

Not that I get that many compliments. On the rare occasion when one came my way, a grin and a mumbled "Aw, shucks" was my response. I can comment more on the matter of Giving compliments. I find that when it comes to complimenting beautiful young (in my case, anywhere under 50yo) ladies it comes much easier for a man well past the "predatory" age. The element of suspected shady intentions is absent. Well into my 80-ties I used to break off a bloom or two from a flowering bush in my supemarket car park before walking in and present it to this or that young lady bank teller or at the deli counter or wherever and everywhere I was rewarded by a sweet smile. Nobody was embarrassed and the day was brighter for both parties.

Sian Rider
Sian R5 years ago

So - I watched the video righjt through. It was all about learning 'how to TAKE compliments' and othing aty all about learning how to GIVE them.

IMO, if you practice giving compliments it then becomes much easier learing how to recieve them.
So start voicing your thoughts and telling that woman sitting opposite you on the bus what a lovely scarf she's wearing, that child what lovely manners he has, etc. Then, when soneone compliments you it won't see so alien. (Besides, think how many people's days you can brghten up with just a few priceless words that cost you nothing.)

ii q.
g d c5 years ago


Sally Allen
Sally A5 years ago

Thank you.