How to Use Feng Shui to Get Laid

Even if youíre having adventurous sex all over the place, bedrooms are still where the magic happens the majority of the time. Does yours have a letís-get-it-on vibe? Hereís how to use feng shuiĖthe ancient Chinese art of creating spaces that foster harmony, health and good fortuneóto turn a drab bedroom into a sexy slumber party for two.

  • Clear it out. Clutter is a mood killer. Try to keep your bedroom as clean as possible, so you can easily use every surface for your pleasure.
  • Decorate to captivate. Scrap the cutesy kitten posters and surround yourself with grown up images that are sensual or ones that make you feel passionate.
  • Put color to work. Red, pink, peach, and white are believed to open your heart. Go for colors that add warmth; they can enhance sexual energy. If you canít paint your walls, try painting your headboard. Even colored candles will do.
  • Select furnishings that feel good. A comfy, delicious bed. Silky sheets. Soft pillows. Try to surround yourself with things that are delightful to touch. This can encourage touching of other things, if you know what we mean.

They say this stuff can be pretty potent, so donít forget: Once you sexify your love nest, please make sure your birth control can handle it.

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