11 Ideas for Homemade Crafts

This weekend, make use of your free time — if you have any free time! — by taking on one of these 11 easy and crafty projects. These activities are family-friendly and low-cost, and often make use of objects you can find out in the wild, or in the corners of your very own home.

1. Paper

Make homemade paper. Before you toss your used paper into the recycling bin, consider using it to craft your own homemade paper from the recycled pulp. Your finished product will be perfect for art projects, notes, crafts, and those moments when a computer screen and keyboard just won’t do! And while you’re at it, why not create your own stationary, too?

Junk Mail Crafts!

2. Envelopes

Use old maps, homemade paper, old calendars or other papers to craft beautiful handmade envelopes. This simple project is easier than you may think, and the instructions in this article come with a printable envelope-making template.

3. Candles

Create candles out of beeswax, or make recycled candles out of the remains of candles lying around your house. This project is both fun and functional, and perfect for a winter weekend.

4. Fancy Floors

Stencil and paint a scuffed wood floor or decorate your home with stencils. Adding color and pattern to your walls and floors doesn’t have to entail hours of difficult labor. Let your creativity run wild!

5. Soap

Make your own homemade soaps. You can scent them to please your exact desires and tastes — this particular recipe includes lavender, an herb that eases both stress and insomnia. And if anything goes awry, here are tips for rescuing a bad batch, as well as extra information about different kinds of soap.

6. Pillow Covers and Rugs

Upcycle old clothing by turning shirts into pillow covers and rags into rugs. Most of us have materials at home we don’t know what to do with, and both of these projects will allow you to hang on to those materials while still putting them to use.

5 DIY Rugs

7. Coat Rack

Turn a tree branch into a sturdy, rustic coat rack. Your new rack will exude both elegance and earthiness — and part of the fun will be hunting for that perfect branch!

8. Woodworking

Work with wood! Whittle a pan flute or carve wooden spoons. These projects may require a little more artistic effort, but when you’re done, using your own unique utensils will offer special satisfaction.

9. Horns to Household Items

Turn animal horns into household items, such as hat-holders and salt and pepper shakers. When you find winter-shed racks on hiking or camping trips, you can make use of their natural beauty and turn them into unforgettable home décor!

10. Garden Trellis

Create a flower trellis out of a TV antenna. Just another way to upcycle an old item gathering dust in your home. The birds will love it, too!

11. Fun for Kids!

Make amusing items or toys, such as this pinwheel or a cardboard house for kids. Over at MOTHER EARTH NEWS, we also have a collection of articles on how to craft all kinds of toys — choose your favorite, then make them with (or for!) the little ones in your life.

And if you become a craft connoisseur and want to start selling your creations, here are some tips on turning your art into a home business.

Working on any crafty projects? Share your ideas below!

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