Illusion and/or Reality?

Everyone and everything you see is in flux. Your brain creates the illusion of constancy, yet in truth the person or thing you believe to be in front of you is actually a ghost of what was in front of you a few thousandths of a second ago. How is this relevant to spiritual growth?

In the illusion of a continual reality there are actually many gaps. We go away as much as we stay here. When you go away, blinking out of existence for a fleeting millisecond, you arenít anchored in physical reality. You voyage to the quantum dimension and beyond, for nobody knows exactly where the universe goes when it blinks on and off.

But we do know certain things: Physicality is an appearance created by the mind. In its essence reality is invisible and intangible. Events are ambiguous. The only constant is change. Radical uncertainty is at work all the time.

Apply these truths to yourself. Instead of struggling to make life stable, unchanging, unambiguous, and certain, accept that you are a product of an uncertain, ambiguous creation. This isnít a flaw. Itís the glory of the creative process to constantly flow and change. The more you can accept this, the easier it is to accept your own transformation.

Remind yourself of the following: I am not fixed in time. I am not fixed in space. The person I think I am is actually a lingering memory. The real me lies beyond the five senses. I am participating in the flux of the cosmos at every instant. The whole universe conspired to bring about this present moment.

If you replace mistaken ideas with correct ones, reality can replace illusion. What makes this notion even more potent is that the mind creates both illusion and reality.

You have a choice which one to invest in. Once you accept that you are constantly in flux, you are in a position to perceive the changeless ground of existence, the eternal Being that is the stage for eternal change.


Adapted from The Third Jesus: The Christ We Cannot Ignore, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2008).


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Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

interesting read

Zee Kallah
Helen Porter5 years ago

I'll take a few cup fulls of both, please.

Thank you.

Reality is the guarantee of illusion and illusion is the truth of reality.

How many IQ points do I get for that one? ROFLOL

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I believe we live in a false reality in as much as we are more powerful and have more abilities than we have been led to believe. I think those at the top have been conning us all for a very very long time ,in order to have control over us ------simple!!!!!!!

Santo R.
Santo R.5 years ago

and we CREATE our own REALITY
''I will just emphasize the most important point: there is no tree "out there." No sights, sounds, textures, tastes, or smells exist without a brain to create them. We are so accustomed to accepting the world as a given that we overlook our creative role in it,""" go READ , chopra "HOW TO KNOW GOD" before COMMENTING your LIMITED BELIEFS

Santo R.
Santo R.5 years ago

When you see a TV character walking from left to right on
the screen, your brain registers a false impression. Nothing on that screen, not a single
electron, has actually moved from left to right. With a magnifying glass you would see that
the only activity taking place is the flickering of phosphors on the surface of the cathode-ray
tube. If phosphor A is to the left of phosphor B, its flicker can be timed so that just as it goes
off, phosphor B lights up. This trick makes it look as if something has moved from left to
right, just as twinkling Christmas lights seem to circle around the tree.

Santo R.
Santo R.5 years ago

At the quantum level nothing of the material world is left intact. It is strange enough to hold
up your hand and realize that it is actually, at a deeper level, invisible vibrations taking place
in a void. Even at the atomic level all objects are revealed as 99.9999 percent empty space.
On its own scale, the distance between a whirling electron and the nucleus it revolves
around is wider than the distance between the earth and the sun. But you could never
capture that electron anyway, since it too breaks down into energy vibrations that wink in
and out of existence millions of times per second. Therefore the whole universe is a
quantum mirage, winking in and out of existence millions of times per second. At the
quantum level the whole cosmos is like a blinking light. There are no stars or galaxies, only
vibrating energy fields that our senses are too dull and slow to pick up given the incredible
speed at which light and electricity move.
In the animal kingdom some nervous systems are much faster than ours and others much
slower. A snail's neurons pick up signals from the outside world so slowly, for example, that
events any faster than three seconds would not be perceived. In other words, if a snail was
looking at an apple, and I quickly reached in and snatched it away, the snail would not be
able to detect my hand. It would "see" the apple disappear before its very eyes. In the same
way, quantum flashes are millions of times too rapid for us to register, so o

Santo R.
Santo R.5 years ago

we DO blink in and out , just like the television monitor / ipad lcd, mobile phone screen
each pixels DO blink and out, the illusion that a character / ball / anything moving on the monitor / lcd / screen is quite convincing. The COLOUR of each pixels changes, BUT if you aren't stupid enough to say it is NOT blinking, than your beliefs are as thick as a BRICK

Harley Williams
Harley W5 years ago

First we do ot blink in and out of existenece. That is a nonsense statment. We exist. Or to quote and old source. I think therefor I am. A thousandth of a second is an very small amout of time. You as a person have nothing to measure any part of your life by that. So why consider something so irrelavant.

Do you show love and care to others? Are you polite and kind and help anyone when and where you can? Are people happy to see you come and sad to see you go?

These things actually make a difference. So many are wrapped up in their own thoughts and ways. Our thoughts do not create reality. Our thoughts are supposed to accept reality and we are supposed to deal with it in a way that brings hope and kindness to all around us. That is what the real JESUS of the Bible is about. Agape to all.