5 Fall Plants To Plant and 5 Projects To Make

Every garden has a rhythm that is dictated by seasonal shifts. As summer transitions into fall, and before the big “F” (frost), it’s a good idea to fill in the “holes” in your garden design with some hearty fall plants. To find your average fall frost, go to the National Climatic Data Center.

5 Plants To Plant In Fall

Depending upon your climate, “cool-season plants” will continue to grow after the nights turn chilly. Plants that mature quickly (approximately 30 days) can be planted in the fall. You may be able to eek out a few more garden moments with these five hearty vegetable plants. The Mother Earth News has more fall plants here.


5 Fall Garden Projects To Make

1. Keep your night garden lit with these simple fall leaf votives from Design Sponge.

2. Cool temperatures are the perfect time to build a rock wall. Walls can help protect plants from strong winds. Rock retaining walls can be used effectively to surround raised beds.

3. Build a bottle greenhouse. A greenhouse may provide a frost-free climate when the weather gets cool. Here are the directions from a school in Scotland that built a recycled bottle greenhouse via Treehugger.

4. Sometimes you need to bring seedlings inside to protect them from the elements. These planter cozy sock covers via Renest make for a great reuse for all those lone socks.

5. Create a garden border with wine bottles like the one I wrote about for Planet Green. Give your garden some sparkle all year round, recycle wine bottles and have fun while you protect your plants.

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it's a little late to plant anything in my area but i'll keep them in mind for next year...esp. spinach and chives.

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Bicycle rims make a nice border fence or spinning merry go round or ferris wheel.. Also a nice "trellis" for sweet potato vines, etc.
Hub caps make for an interesting bordering too (if you are weird like I am)

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