Indian Simmer Sauces

Easy, quick meal preparation is absolutely essential for most of us. Thankfully, quick food doesn’t equal fast food. There is an abundance of recipes available that provide us with healthy and delicious meals within 30 minutes. One pantry “must have” for satisfying, healthful, exciting, and easy-to-prepare dinners is Indian simmer sauces. These flavorful preparations can turn sautéed veggies, tofu, meats or fish into a yummy entrée in as little as 10 minutes, resulting in a warm cooked meal in half an hour or less. Serve over rice or add a simple green salad on the side, and dinner is served in no time at all. Of course, slow cooking options are possible with these sauces as well.

Indian food is full of spices which translates into a range of “kick” when you eat it. Be sure to check out labels and to familiarize yourself with these flavors, especially before attempting to serve children.

A variety of simmer sauces is available in many major supermarkets and, as with all foods, some are more healthful than others. Here are a couple you might want to check out. Both are available in certain fine grocery and health food stores, and the first you can order directly online:

Maya Kaimal’s Fine Indian Foods offers a wonderful variety of sauces, all of which are vegetarian, gluten-free and contain no preservatives, including the mild(ish) Classic Korma and Tikka Masala (both of which kids often enjoy), the sweet and sour Tamarind Curry, the tangy Vindaloo, and the sweet and spicy Coconut Curry.

Seeds of Change offers a variety of Indian-style curries made with certified organic ingredients. Its four simmer sauces cover a range of spiciness, from the mild Korma sauce featuring coconut and ginger flavors, to the much stronger hot pepper Madras curry.

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an indian dish goes by the name of 'Pav Bhaji' can be yummy too.

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