Inspire The Next Green Generation for Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s History Month, and as I have written about before here on Care2, this makes it the perfect time to highlight the contributions of women to the environment. As a farm writer, I am especially drawn to tell the stories of those in sustainable agriculture.

But, this month is also a great time to encourage the young women in your life to pursue these areas and to teach them how important math, science, and technology are.

In honor of this year’s theme, “Our History is Our Strength,” the National Women’s History Project is encouraging local communities and organizations to honor women within their own communities or organizations. The theme, “Our History is Our Strength pays tribute to the millions of women who helped create a better world for the times in which they lived as well as for future generations. Knowing the challenges these women faced, grappled with, and overcame can be an enormous source of strength to all of us. During today’s difficult times, Our History is Our Strength can serve as an important reminder to our nation that adversity can be overcome.”

Here are some simple ways that you can help encourage and nurture the next generation of green women leaders so that they too can help create a better world for the future.

  • Agood place to start is with a visit to the web site of the National Women’s History Museum.The museum, located in Dallas, has a great series of online exhibitions and also runs a program called Girlstart that encourages young women to think about careers in science, math and computer technology.
  • Share the Presidential Proclamation for National Women’s History Month, and check out the Library of Congress’ Women’s History Month page.
  • Find a local Women’s History Month event. Check your local newspaper or search for events at local historical societies, libraries, colleges and universities, museums and art galleries.
  • Have a movie marathon featuring great women, or screen movies made by women. A great place to find these is through the non-profit arts organization Women Make Movies.
  • Check out books at your local library that highlight women’s history or donate books to the library and have your daughter or niece help you do that. Or, purchase a biography of a famous woman to inspire her.
  • Visit a science or natural history museum. Many have special Women’s History Month lectures and events, and those interactive science exhibits show girls how fun and interesting science can be.
  • Make sure to observe International Women’s Day on March 8. This is a global day that celebrates the economic, political and social achievements of women. This year marks the centenary of International Women’s Day and the United Nations has selected the theme of equal access to education, training, and technology as a pathway to decent work for this year’s event.

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Thank you for sharing.

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It's good for all of us, women and men, to be reminded of this.

Danuta Watola
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Thanks for the article.

Teresa Cowley
Teresa Cowley6 years ago

Interesting--I didn't know there was any such thing as "International Women's Day"

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Making things local seems to bring more relevance to more people on more issues; thanks for such encouragement.

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I'm all for inspiring the younger generation, thanks for the article!

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thankyou for this inspiring article and suggestions for inspiring younger women

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If you go to china especially in the villages you will see how strong the women are there, we dont know what hard working is before we see them!