Instant Wall Art, Collage-Style

What is it about the universal appeal of a wall collage or pin board? It’s both a source of inspiration and instant art of sorts. Whether it be pages torn from magazines or memos jotted down, a pinboard is a peek into the mind of the creator. Here’s a round up of several we like at Remodelista.

Above: A collage of images serves as inspiration. French stylist Aurélie Lécuyer’s wall of images via Le Dans La.

Above: A mix of objects hangs from the wall in this photograph by Russell Smith via Desire to Inspire.

Above: Textile designer Matt Dick‘s former studio with a wall of layered images.

Above: 101 Cookbook’s Heidi Swanson collects imagery for inspiration for her books.

Above: Fashion and interiors designer Tracy Wilkinson‘s desk. Photograph by Brian Ferry for Freunde von Freunden.

For more ideas on mixing patterns, pictures and objects for art, visit Remodelista‘s post African Bohemian, New York Cool.


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GGma Sheila D.
GGmaSAway D4 years ago

In my small bedroom I have a collage of cat bookmarks mixed with cat cartoons. In the living room I use one wall to put up quilt designs, some fabric samples and maybe pix of quilts for inspiration. Another wall has a collage of the big cats.

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Thank you.

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Easy to make.

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interesting thank you

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Mike Wilkinson
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love it......that's kind of what I have fridge magnets, bumper stickers, collages made out of rock and art magazines.......all with different themes......

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thank you