iPad Games for Your Pets (Even Lizards!)

Ah, the iPad. What did we ever do before it? You can look up recipes, research homework, watch the stocks, catch up with friends, andentertain the kids in the grocery line – all with the swipe of a finger. And now with the insurgence of apps for pets, it looks like our furry, four-legged friends can get in on the fun, too. Check out these fun apps designed to let your pet play, paint, and purr the day away.
Apps for cats

Game for Cats. This aptly names app allows your cat to virtuallychase butterflies, catch mice and paw at a pesky laser. In advanced levels, you can activate the sound for more fun. And you can even brag about your kitty’s high score with shares onFacebook. Or he can share it tohis own account onTwitter. Free.

Friskies Cat Fishing.This app is cute for cats that love to catch fish. In the game, kitties follow swimming “fish” and “catch” them with a swat. Free.

You vs. cat: Check out this post about theiPad game you can play with your kitty. Free.

Paint for Cats. Think your kitty is the next “Pawblo” Picasso? With lots of colors and styles to choose from, your cat can create her own refrigerator art with this painting game. A squeaking mouse running across the screen serves as inspiration for her strokes. $1.99.

Apps for dogs

Game for dogs. Like its feline counterpart, this app lets your puppy chase critters (such as ‘Squeaky Spot,’ ‘Squirelly Sam,’ or a ‘Couple o’ Cats.’) You be the judge of whether or not your dog is more likely to gently nudge the screen or use it as a chew toy! Free.

Pet acoustics. This app claims to be able to create music that will “calm and soothe your pet anytime, anywhere.” It is designed to work with the hearing sensitivities of any pet infrequency, volume and rhythm. $1.99

Apps for lizards?

Bug games. Although not specifically designed for reptilian friends, at least one lizard is enjoying this apps collections ofbees, butterflies, ants, worms. Check him out in the video below! $0.99

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