Iraq’s ‘Green Belt’ Fights Desertification

Trees as far as the eye can see are the weapons one Iraqi province is employing in the fight against desertification in a country where decades of conflict have exacted a terrible environmental toll. Photo Credit: The U.S. Army via Flickr.

Iraqi "Green Belt" Fights Against Desertification
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Vaiva G.
Vaiva G5 years ago

What a great project! I can't wait to hear about more provinces following suit, hopefully.

Joan Mcallister
5 years ago

Great idea. Thanks for sharing

heather g.
heather g5 years ago

Thank you Chris, one very rarely hears good news coming out of Iraq. Unfortunately, the heavy pollution left by the DU weapons has left most of the people and the environment badly off with cancers and severe birth defects.

Mary Donnelly
Mary Donnelly5 years ago

Great news.

Florence Eaise
Florence Eaise5 years ago

finally some GOOD news today thanks

Tom Y.
Tom Y5 years ago

And couple of dissenting notes..

AbdulAziz A., Saddam Hussein was there well before the US was. Don't you think at least a little of your derision should be directed at him? He was running Iraq's oil supply to enrich himself throughout the 1990s. The US could have behaved that way but didn't.

Marie W., humans didn't cause the desertification of the Middle East -- that's due to a cycle of climate change that regulates the Earth's reflectivity of radiation back into space. You can see that deserts occur on the continents in belts -- they occur in both the northern and southern hemispheres on roughly the same latitudes. Humans did not cause that.

AbdulAziz A.
AbdulAziz A5 years ago

It is great to hear some folk have taken things in their own hands to reverse the "help" of US to send them into the stone age. The things were not at all like they are now. They were one of the most modren countries but bad luck for them that they had oil .... that all the greedy corporates and bigots of the West wanted for free.

Deborah F.
Deborah F5 years ago

I hope it works! We may need to do it ourselves one day.

Lucie G.
Lucie G5 years ago

what a wonderul idea. A very worthwhile project for them. I am sure every one will benefit and enjoy the peaceful area it will create. It should encourage wildlife as well.

Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Glad to hear that. Thanks.