Is Letter Writing a Lost Art?

Is letter writing a lost art? Does anyone still pick up the pen and compose thoughtful correspondence? Do they send pictures, poems, art? Do you?

It may seem like this primitive means of communication is dying out, but doesn’t everyone still yearn to receive something thoughtful in the mail for once besides bills and advertisements?

I’ve been traveling practically all year so far and making it my mission to send letters and postcards wherever I go. Naturally, I keep in touch with various people on the internet still, but it’s lovely to hear even from them, how surprised they are when they find something special in their mailbox. It’s a gesture, more than a request and one that I find priceless.

Here are some thoughts on how even the most challenged corresponders (you know who you are) can send a simple note to show they care:

Send a postcard to someone in your own town. Who says you can only write mail to people who live half way across the country or world? People you see everyday or maybe who you don’t get around to seeing enough will appreciate the extra effort. You can skip the small talk too and maybe just draw a picture, heart, or quote.

Go all out. Handwritten letter, paper cut-outs, confetti, candies, trinkets, drawings, stickers, clippings, etc. Once and a while, it is so worth it to just indulge on an amazing package. Your recipient will think so too.

Send a newsletter. If you just want to keep in touch and let friends and family know what’s going on with you, this is a great way. You can photocopy your letter and photos from current events and send them off to multiple people! Maybe even include a mix cd from your latest playlist.

Send a book through Amazon when it’s not their birthday. All it takes is a few clicks, but those clicks can say a lot.

Send a letter to a soldier. No matter your politics, as Americans we must recognize the bravery and hardships of our soldiers overseas. Please, if you can, take the time to let one know that we care and support them as individuals. You can find contacts and addresses at this site.


Lynn D.
Lynn D5 years ago

Thanks, GREAT article and off to find soldier addresses!

ANA MARIJA R5 years ago

Thank you for the article!

Elisabeth T.
Elisabeth T5 years ago

Writing & receiving letters is quite special for me. Thanks for the article.

Dale Overall

There was a time when I wrote to some 100 pen friends all around the world, it was a lot of fun and we had fun sending post cards as well as collecting stamps.

There are still some people that I write to on occasion and sometimes I even try and keep up my journalling.

With FB and the huge cost in stamps for international postage these days many people either go the way of emails, Skype or Facebook for their communications instead of letter writing.

Every now and then I write a letter, include a photo or some other things just for fun.

Kelly Rogers5 years ago

I do not think so. the same way you write a letter is how you send an e-mail. It is just the technology that has changed

Katja S.
Katja S5 years ago

I love writing letters. I cannot write physical letters as often as I would like, as I cannot always afford it, but once I have more money it is something I want to get back to doing.

Sarah D.
Sarah D.5 years ago

I actually think it is coming back. There are a lot of websites you can join to swap/mail letters,postcards,artist trading cards(ATC),art,etc.. There are also Mail Art groups on Google that send each other the same things. I've received many wonderful things in the mail from all kinds of different people. From different countries even! One of my favorite sites for getting letters/atc's is! :)

Rosemary Collins
Rosie Collins5 years ago

I love getting letters through the post,it feels so special, someone has actually sat down and taken the time to write to me and you know that they were thinking about you specially and go on thinking about you until the letter is in the post box. Enjoyed the article thanks.

Sarah M.
Sarah M5 years ago

Snail-mail letters are pretty sweet! Too bad my handwriting is so bad though hah. Nice article---I like the sentiment behind it!

Victoria L.
Victoria L5 years ago

Sending a friendly email or message on Facebook only takes a moment to reach its destination. And, conveniently, it's free. Letter writing has some fierce competition.