Is Vaping Really Any Better Than Smoking?

I’m an ex-smoker. The pack-a-day kind who struggled to go longer than an hour without lighting up. I’m still amazed —and grateful—I was able to kick the habit.

I sometimes wonder if I would I have made the transition to vaping, if it had been an option when I still smoked. Probably not. I was too cool for school back then. For me, smoking was all about image, and vaping just looks silly to me.

I get the irony, obviously, but I still think vaping is even more pointless than smoking cigarettes. I mean, why bother, right? My jaded opinions aside, is vaping really any better than smoking? I decided to investigate.

Is vaping bad for your health?

While you’re no longer permitted to smoke in public buildings, it’s still considered acceptable to wander through the mall in a cloud of vapor. However, that will likely soon be a thing of the past.

With more and more studies being done, the health risks of vaping are becoming harder to ignore. Irfan Rahman —a toxicologist at the University of Rochester in New York— heard stories of bleeding mouths and throats and slow-healing sores from young vapers.

Rahman and his team headed to the labs to find out what sort of damage the vapor inhaled from e-cigarettes was inflicting. Along with potentially promoting gum disease, vaping inhibits the repair of damaged cells and messes with your immunity.

Worryingly, teen vaping is on the rise. Because e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco, youth are under the misguided impression that vaping poses no health risks. The sale of vaping supplies to minors is banned in most U.S. states, however that unfortunately doesn’t prevent kids from buying online.

There’s also the issue of secondhand vaping to take into account. While most e-cig proponents firmly believe there’s no risk associated with their habit, studies have shown that vaping does in fact impair indoor air quality. ‘Nuff said.

What about vaping and the environment?

According to the Environmental Blog, vaping is a more eco-friendly alternative to smoking. Among other things, they say there’s less air and land pollution, less chance of accidental fires and no litter in the form of cigarette butts, either.

Not everyone agrees, though. Some people are of the opinion that e-cigarettes put the environment at risk.

One study from USC Biterbi reported that secondhand vapor contains toxic metals. While another —this time from the European Commission— claimed that the disposable components of e-cigarettes also pose a risk to the environment.

How do Smoking and Vaping Impact Our Love Lives?

When it comes to finding your significant other, smoking is generally frowned upon in the dating world. But is it any better for people who vape? A recent study surveyed 1,000 nonsmokers, smokers and vapers to learn about dating preferences.

Not surprisingly, their findings revealed that over 85 percent of nonsmokers say smoking makes someone less attractive. What was interesting, however, was that 17 percent of those who wouldn’t date a smoker said they would date someone who vaped.

Wait, what!?

When quizzed about why they were reluctant to date a smoker or a vaper, participants offered a variety of reasons. Some claimed the smell was off-putting, others cited health risks as the main issue. A fair number even said it was because they’d be embarrassed.

Admittedly, I’ve never kissed a vaper, so I can’t comment on that front, but I only have to think about the plumes of vapour I’ve seen surrounding the e-cig brigade to know for sure I wouldn’t want to date someone who vaped. I like to see the person I’m having a conversation with.

The jury might still be out regarding the health risks of vaping, but to my mind, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably is a duck. Some people say it’s possible to stay healthy even if you smoke. Maybe, but why would you want to do that to your body? If you’re looking to quit the habit, these apps will help you stop smoking.

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e ciggarettes should not be sold on the internet

consulting a health professional is always a good idea before quitting smoking.

vaping is good for quitting smoking but its not healthy to use for a hobby, especially for years and years, vaping outside is good idea if children are in the house.

investigate the vapers to see which ones are the healthiest and any other quit smoking aids that you consider.

children should not be sold vapers but also i detest adults selling kids ciggarettes too