It’s Time to Upgrade Your Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

If you’ve been downing a cup of hardcore java every morning for years on end, maybe it’s time for a more nourishing upgrade. Here’s the deal—coffee shouldn’t just be a way to wake up and pretend like you have energy. It should be a way to fuel and nourish your body, so that it actually has the energy to tackle an entire day. But where to start—a bulletproof coffee recipe?

We all know that bulletproof coffee (coffee blended with coconut oil and sometimes butter) is super delicious, but it’s not the end all be all of healthy coffee recipes. Why stop at adding in healthy fats? Your morning cup of caffeinated bliss is the perfect time to fit in some stress-busting adaptogens.

It's Time to Upgrade Your Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Why upgrade your bulletproof coffee recipe, anyway?

There’s a reason why adding healthy fats and adaptogens to your coffee is a really good idea. It turns out, downing a cup of coffee right when you wake up is not the best thing for your health. You see, when you rise in the morning, your cortisol levels (your stress hormones) are at a peak. In fact, they reach their highest natural levels around an hour after you stumble out of bed.

But, guess what coffee does—it spikes cortisol levels.

So when you drink a cup of coffee around an hour after you wake up, your cortisol levels get spiked way beyond the norm. And that spells major trouble for blood sugar and hormonal balance—they get thrown way out of whack.

Plus, drinking straight coffee with no fat, fiber or protein around to slow absorption can actually sap your body of precious nutrients—namely calcium, iron, and magnesium. Your morning ritual should pack your body full of nourishment, not deplete them. That’s why adaptogens, fats and proteins are the perfect additions to your daily brew.

But what adaptogens (and other goodies) actually pair well with your morning brew?


Ashwagandha is an all-around adaptogenic superherb. Its many beneficial properties include blood sugar regulation, stress and anxiety reduction, and inflammation reduction. It even has been shown to directly reduce cortisol levels—perfect for counteracting that caffeine spike!


Superfood mushrooms like reishi and cordyceps are incredibly calming and balancing. They are also notorious for supporting the immune system and combating fatigue.


Even a sprinkle of cinnamon can be beneficial. With the highest antioxidant activity among spices, studies have shown that cinnamon may help boost immune function, support heart and brain health, and even lower cancer risk.


Tocos are a form of vitamin E and can help with skin health and a glowing complexion. Various forms of collagen (either vegan or non-vegan) can also be beneficial.

Coconut Oil or Ghee

Ghee and coconut oil help to stabilize blood sugar levels and provide easily digestible forms of energy to help you get your day started off right.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a nutrient and antioxidant-rich sweetener. It also contains calcium and magnesium, which are crucial minerals that get sapped if you drink a lot of coffee.

It's Time to Upgrade Your Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

How to use your morning coffee to your advantage.

How can you use all these adaptogens in the real world? The super nourishing (and absolutely indulgent) bulletproof coffee recipe below is adapted from a wonderful wellness trainer and professional freelance dancer, Sayer Mansfield. For more amazing wellness tips, check her out at Sayer Wellness.

Yields 1 serving

Adaptogenic Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

Coconut oil is a great start when it comes to healthy coffee, but if you're ready to up the ante, try this supercharged bulletproof coffee recipe!

5 minPrep Time

5 minTotal Time

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  • 12 ounces of freshly brewed coffee
  • 2 Tbsp flaxseed milk
  • 1-2 Tbsp collagen peptides (vegans can use plant-based collagen powder*)
  • 1/2 tsp ashwaganda powder
  • 1/2 tsp reishi mushroom powder
  • 1/2 tsp cordyceps mushroom powder
  • 1 Tbsp tocos
  • 1 Tbsp Fourth and Heart vanilla bean ghee (or any grass-fed ghee)
  • 1 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp of organic blackstrap molasses
  • dash of cinnamon


  1. Blend together all ingredients in a high speed blender for 10 to 20 seconds. Serve in your favorite mug, sip, and have an amazing day!

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