Keep Swine Flu Out of Your House

Keep your family safe: Follow our experts’ anti-flu advice.
Basic flu fighting strategy: Cover your mouth when you sneeze, avoid anyone who doesn’t. And wash your hands the proper way–often.

The number of confirmed swine flu cases in the United States doubled from Sunday to Monday, raising the official count to 40, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Although more than 100 deaths in Mexico have been associated with the flu strain, there have been no reported deaths in the United States to date, and only one person had to be briefly hospitalized.

THE DETAILS: On Monday health officials confirmed that the 20 new swine flu cases in this country were students from the same New York private school, where 8 others cases had been previously identified. The students had recently visited Mexico on a school trip. Also on Monday, President Barack Obama said that Sunday’s declaration of a public health emergency by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services was a “cause for concern and requires a heightened state of alert,” but should not serve as a “cause for alarm.” The move directs more resources towards detecting and tracking the illness, and allows the Department of Homeland Security to free up millions of doses of anti-viral drugs for treatment, if needed.

WHAT IT MEANS: While news coverage about infections and flu epidemics may be disturbing, health experts echo the President’s calls for calm. So far this is a very limited outbreak, says Mary Klotman, MD, chief of the division of infectious diseases at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. “We’ve dealt with influenza for a long time, and will continue to deal with it in the future,” she says. “On an individual level, I don’t think there’s reason to panic, but you should use common sense.”

Use the basic rules of flu etiquette to help protect yourself while the CDC continues to investigate the situation:

Know when to use a sick day. If you’re not feeling well, stay home so you don’t spread a possible viral infection. Swine flu symptoms are the same as the regular flu–fever, lethargy, sore throat, and sometimes vomiting and diarrhea. If you experience flu-like symptoms, contact your doctor. Initial studies show that antiviral medications do work against the swine flu, says Dr. Klotman. But in most of the current U.S. cases, patients recovered without the drugs.

Scrub-a-dub-dub those hands. A standard practice for flu prevention pertains to the swine flu, too: Wash your hands often with warm, soapy water. You may not even realize you’re doing it, but touching the so-called T-zone–your mouth, eyes, and nose–can give the virus a chance to enter your body. So avoid touching your face, but keep your hands clean in case you accidentally (perhaps inevitably) touch it anyway.

Here’s the best way to wash your hands:

1. Remember the three main components: warm water, soap, and friction.

2. Wet your hands with very warm running water. “Not hot enough to burn you, but very warm,” suggests germ expert Donna Duberg, MA, MS, assistant professor of clinical laboratory science at Saint Louis University in Missouri. “Use lots of soap so that there is a good lather.”

3. Add soap and rub hands vigorously for 20 seconds. “If hands are visibly dirty, wash them to get the dirt and grime off, rinse, and then wash with soap again to help remove any germs that are still on the skin,” Duberg says.

4. Time it out for kids. If you have little ones, get them washing to a song like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” “The ABC Song,” or “Mary Had a Little Lamb.” Or introduce them to Henry the Hand, champion handwasher.

5. Wash all surfaces. That including the back of hands, between fingers, the tips of fingers, and under your fingernails.

6. Rinse, keeping your fingers pointed down.

7. Dry vigorously with paper or a clean cloth towel. If someone in your house already has a flu infection, it�s best to use paper towels and toss the used paper in the trash (look for a brand made from recycled material).

8. Use a towel to turn off the faucet and open the door. If you want to post a reminder by your bathroom sink, you can print out a free hand-washing poster.

Keep surfaces clean. Viruses are generally not as hardy as bacteria, so good, routine cleaning with soap and water or disinfecting wipes should keep their numbers down, says Duberg. “If a person has the flu, consider using a 10-percent vinegar and water solution, or 10-percent bleach and water spray, especially on bathroom surfaces and faucets,” she says. “And be conscientious in wiping off door handles, door frames, faucets, and any other surfaces family members touch using the solutions, or disinfecting wipes.” We prefer the vinegar mix–it’s more environmentally friendly–but if you use bleach, only mix what you need at the time. The bleach potion loses its ability to kill germs once it’s been sitting around for a few hours.

Mind your manners. If you sneeze or cough, do it into a tissue, and then wash your hands after you toss the tissue to prevent the spread of germs.

As always, cook your pork. Russia and China announced they will temporarily ban the import of pork from Mexico and certain parts of the United States amid the swine flu scare, which sparks an obvious questions: Can you get swine flu from eating pork? The answer is no. On general food safety principles, though, be sure to cook the meat thoroughly before eating it. And buy pork that’s produced organically or on small farms. Reports in the Mexican press suggest that raising pigs on overcrowded confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) may have contributed to the spread of the virus.

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By Leah Zerbe, Rodale News


Tammy Hughs
Tammy Hughs8 years ago

Hello Everyone in care2..I live in Egypt and to date from the international news here in Egypt there has only been 32 deaths and the last was this past sunday of a 35 year old male in cridical condition. In my home to keep out the swine flu I use bleach or a cleaning disinfectint called Detol,which is basically like Lysol regular (the one in the brown bottle) I wash down everything even the door handles,I wash my hands offten, i don't touch my eyes with my hands or fingers and i practice good edicate when sneezing or coughing,many people use their hands to cover mouth and nose then have to wash hands, I use a kleenex then throw it away and if needed wash my hands if I can not get to soap and water I use a hand sanitizer. We don't order out very much and we avoid crowds. I hope that my information helps you stay healthy.

Samme P.
Samme Page8 years ago

Go to the website for the Center for Disease Control. Under Contamination and Cleaning It states the virus is destroyed by heat. Clean with steam my friends. Stop using those chemicals. Steam is by far more effective and safer. I've been steaming for years. I highly recommend you check out

Christine T.
Christine T8 years ago

Jennifer Hargreave is right about peroxide. My mom sent me this info a few month ago
«Peroxide vs Bleach: This was written by Becky Ransey of Indiana "I would like to tell you of the benefits of that plain little ole bottle of 3% peroxide you can get for under $1.00 at any drug store. What does bleach cost? My husband has been in the medical field for over 36 years, and most doctors don't tell you about peroxide. "Have you ever smelled bleach in a doctor's office? NO!!! Why? Because it smells, and it is not healthy! Ask the nurses who work in the doctor's offices, and ask them if they use bleach at home. They are wiser and know better! Did you also know bleach was invented in the late 40's? It's chlorine, folks! And it was used to kill our troops.
"Peroxide was invented during WWI. It was used to save and help cleanse the needs of our troops and hospitals. Please think about this:»

I wanted to add this link too, in some way it's an addon to swine flu, cancer and many other health problems

Christine T.
Christine T8 years ago

What I fear the most is that those people (governments,mayors,the NWO gang, WHO) the ones who are pushing so hard for us to take the vaccine, will publicly take "A" vaccine, not the one they want to give us to show us that it is not dangerous....and sadly some people will fall for it and run for the vaccine thinking they will be immunized, and then blame those who refused the vaccine to be the cause of....
A very vicious circle we are now facing.

All related,

Jane Bergurmeister Project Camelote

Brian H.
Brian H8 years ago

Please listen to reason and do what you feel is best and resist mandatory vaccinations because it is just plain wrong to force them on those that rather trust their body to fight viruses.

dawn c.
dawn c8 years ago

Herbs & essential oils - thyme is an excellent anti-viral. Use in a spray bottle with water for surfaces, burn in a vaporiser, use the herb in cooking. Thyme tea too is excellent, & very fast acting if taken at the first sign of sniffles. Rosemary is one of the best boosts for our immune system. Use in the same way as thyme. I use wash nuts in the washing machine instead of detergent, & I add a couple of drops of rosemary oil to the sack with each wash. Fortunately we are a healthy bunch, & I'm sure thanks to the fact that I let our best defence system - our own body - do most of the hard work without constantly surpressing it with unnecessary chemicals. I do not trust the drugs companies at all........better not start talking about the cervical cancer jab...

Hope this helps!

Dwight Baker
Past Member 8 years ago

CALL 1-800-215-4682 NANO SILVER


A small bottle but only a cap full is needed under the tongue for a couple of minutes the swallow. We just ordered another bottle, kills bacteria and viruses.

Told our Family Doctor he said "YES"

Antonio Chiarenza

growing up we each had our own towel--mom staggered the towel holders diagonally across the bathroom wall by height--no need for disposables! also with less use on each cloth they had more chance to dry.

Kelly c.
Kelly c8 years ago

Good tips - more can be done (of which I will be blogging about it soon)! Dwight - GREAT video!

Lynn T.
.8 years ago

Dwight, this is a great video!! I would send you a hundred green stars if I could. Please everyone watch this and take action!!! We cannot let the government and big pharm take over our bodies, minds, and that of our innocent children. Talk about the "Preditor Beast" (Big Brother...), well here he is in all his flaming glory! You have been warned!!!