Kindness Revolution Day 17: Clearing the Gulf Oil Spill

Today’s gift is a meditation for clearing the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.† This may seem outlandish to some people, but as Dr. Joe Vitale, one of the participants in The Secret video, indicates:† there are 23 studies demonstrating that when people meditate on inner peace and a common goal, the results are more likely to happen. So, why not focus on, pray for, or send healing energy toward clean, clear waters in the Gulf of Mexico?

The idea comes from Andrew H., one of the many people who have posted great gift ideas, inspirational words, and support for the Kindness Revolution.†† He informed me of a meditation created by Dr. Vitale and his friend Pat O’Bryan that helps create inner peace while also focusing on the clearing of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Whether you believe in meditating on a common goal, praying for a positive outcome, distant energy healing, or some other method of positive change like the one I shared on Day 7: Advice from an African Medicine Woman, I encourage you to join me today, or any day that works for you, in focusing our efforts on envisioning a planet with clean ocean waters, clean air, and clean soil.† Andrew H. shared the link for Dr. Vitale and Pat O’Bryan’s beautiful meditation designed to focus our attention on inner peace and clean waters in the Gulf.† It’s a free download.

If youíre just joining us for the Kindness Revolution, Iím doing my part (well, at least trying) to spread kindness in the world by giving 29 gifts in 29 days, inspired by the book 29 Gifts.† And, Iím asking you to join me.† If youíre just tuning in, check out the first blog in this series.† And, don’t forget that it’s never too late to join the Kindness Revolution.† Start today!

And, donít forget to add your comments to my blog over the next few weeks because, with the help of the kind people at, Iíll be giving away more free copies of my books next Saturday!† Winners will be selected from the comments!

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Emma S.
Emma S6 years ago

I believe that 'sending' goodwill - individually or en masse - has a real transformative power.

Jonh Doe
7 years ago


Katherine B.
Katherine B7 years ago

FYI- The link to the first blog post in the series is not working.

Katherine B.
Katherine B7 years ago

Thank you!

Lucy N.
Lucy G7 years ago

Joe Vitale's Clearing the Gulf meditation is working! The NYTimes headline reads: "Gulf oil slick appears to vanish quickly" and the article starts: "The oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico appears to be dissolving far more rapidly than anyone expected," see it at
Thank you Joe! I have been playing this audio in my car continuously to and from work for almost a month.

Jenni Miller
Jenni Miller7 years ago

BP must pay for it's negligence regardless of international borders. Sign this petition:

Nicole W.
Nicole W7 years ago

can't hurt anyway

Casey Broughton
Casey Broughton7 years ago

will do! great idea.

Stefanie C.
Stefanie Cohrs7 years ago

Love this idea, and will participate fully in my own way! I'll do anything I can to help the gulf with this crisis!

beverly g.
beverly g.7 years ago

this is a lovely idea.