Kindness Revolution Day 18: Giving to Children

When my husband Curtis and I bought our home we inherited a portable basketball hoop.† You know the kind that stand alone on a base and can be set up anywhere?† Neither of us is much into basketball.† Bear with me as this story takes a detour.

We also inherited a leaky hot water heater.† So, we called the plumber to get it replaced.† As we talked to him, we learned he is from Australia (the accent gave it away!) and has a couple of young boys.† He did such a good job and even cleaned up after he finished the plumbing job, we decided to offer him the basketball hoop.† He said his boys love basketball and would certainly get some use out of it.† He was happy to take it.† So, the basketball hoop found a good home and will probably provide hours of fun and exercise for a couple of young boys (and probably a few of their friends too). If you have toys or sports equipment gathering dust, perhaps there are some kids in your community who would benefit from them.

If youíre just joining us for the Kindness Revolution, Iím doing my part (well, at least trying) to spread kindness in the world by giving 29 gifts in 29 days, inspired by the book 29 Gifts.† And, Iím asking you to join me.† If youíre just tuning in, check out the first blog in this series.† And, don’t forget that it’s never too late to join the Kindness Revolution.† Start today!

And, donít forget to add your comments to my blog over the next few weeks because, with the help of the kind people at, Iíll be giving away more free copies of my books tomorrow and next Saturday!† Winners will be selected from the comments!

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Elisa F.
Elisa F3 years ago

A Great Gesture :)

Emma S.
Emma S6 years ago

We can't always afford much, but usually manage to get books (sometimes second hand) and craft/art stuff for various nieces and nephews. And it's not always tangible stuff you have to offer - we can offer help, advice and ideas to the children we teach at our youth theatre.

Jonh Doe
7 years ago


You B.
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johan l.
paul l7 years ago

There are always old toys in perfectly good condition, that are just gathering dust.
Talking about the basketball loop, our one daughter had the same thing that she inherited.
Now the four girls (remember in S.Africa they play netball which is played by girls, now all four my granddaughters play netball and my other daughter also bought a netball loop for her daughters and friends.
Wonderful to be able to do something for children.
They are not yet blasé and it makes one's heart glad to see the thankfulness on their faces.!

Monica A.
Tara Aiello7 years ago

I donate all my things to charity-it is important. The act of kindness never gets old.

JosÔŅĹ MarÔŅĹa Olmos Sant

Childs today will be adults tomorrow.

Val Leishman
Val Leishman7 years ago

I give all my sons used toys to a coworker's son. He loves his pal's topoys and books!

Carole K.
Carole K7 years ago

I LOVE this Kindness Revolution series of ideas; & I hope to see it continued here @ Care 2 for a very long time if not forever! Have you noticed that the posts come from all types of people with all types of suggestions? That shows that EVERYONE can give or contribute something irregardless of economic means- how much money you have. One suggestion that I have NOT seen here so far is to tap into the Freecycle network. I had a huge collection of "teaching tools" (toys, puzzles, games, etc.) to give away when I retired from teaching. These were given through Freecycle to individual families, home day care & preschool programs where these things would be put to good use. Just Google Freecycle and you should be able to find your nearest local group of Freecyclers, as it is a nation-wide organization. Freecycle e-mails daily alerts as to what is needed in your area & you can post what you have to give away also.

Linda Mills
Linda Mills7 years ago

great way to give back to the universe