Kumquats: An Immune-Boosting, Cancer-Fighting Fruit

I wrote about kumquats a couple of years ago, when I was first introduced to them. It took me a few tries to warm up to these balls of flavor, but then they became a favorite. So I was really pleased to see them in our local stores again, just as this seasonal fruit reaches its peak. If youíve never tried them before, kumquats look like mini oranges, but they are more oval than round. You eat them whole ó the peel is actually the sweet part. They are certainly a flavorful snack! But more then that, they have many health benefits, and I thought it would be fun to share two of the biggest ones with you.

Kumquats are a great source of vitamin C

If you enjoy six kumquats a day (which is easy since they are so small), you can get your full RDA of vitamin C. Vitamin C, especially when it comes from your diet instead of a supplement, has long been linked to a stronger immune system. Those with high dietary intake of vitamin C were also found to be less likely to develop cataracts. Because the vitamin C in food can be heat-sensitive, raw fruits and vegetables are one of the best sources, and kumquats definitely qualify as a great choice in the produce section.

Kumquats may help fight cancer

Kumquats, like other citrus, are a good source of d-limonene. This compound has been researched for its cancer-fighting and anti-inflammatory properties and is more concentrated in citrus peels. There are many general studies about this amazing compound, but I was pleased to find a direct study with kumquats and cancer. This study observed that the oils from fresh Nagami kumquats halted the growth of human prostate cancer!

All to say, kumquats, between their vitamin C content, the d-limonene compounds, and the many other trace minerals and vitamins they contain, are an excellent and delicious way to boost your bodyís immune system.

Have you tried them? What do you think of their flavor?

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Photo: Kimmi Harris

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article by Kimmi Harris


Priestess Moonweaver
Daisy G3 years ago

I remember from over 30 years ago my Grandmother making Cumquat jam from the fruits on her tree! Delicious and fresh.

Kamia T.
Kamia T3 years ago

You'll find these in jars as almost any Asian market near you. They can be incredibly sour, so are often canned with sweeteners that may not be healthy, so be careful. There's also the question of carbon costs to get them to places like the US, since they're not grown much here.

Jordan G.
Jordan G3 years ago

Love these little fruits, but it's hard to find them without going to multiple stores.

Deborah F.
Deborah F3 years ago

i'll have to go to the store to see if i can find some.

Tammy D.
Tammy D3 years ago

Just tried them for the first time yesterday, oddly enough. They are incredibly sour (a little more tart then a lemon), but have the most wonderful 'orangey' taste. It's almost like what I remember the concentrated Tang powder tasting like.
Definitely eat the skins!

Any recipes to link to? Would be a nice addition to this short post....

Lydia D.
.3 years ago

My favorite food.

Kristina May
Kristina May3 years ago

Sounds yummy can't wait to try!

Ariya Mendy Hembran
H e m b r a n d3 years ago


Lady Kaira
None None3 years ago


Kumail Ibraheem
Kumail Ibraheem3 years ago

I really want to get some now... the idea of an edible citrus peel makes me so curious!