Life Force Diet: Snack Your Way to a Stronger Life Force

It may seem hard to believe that snacking can strengthen your energy and vitality, but it’s true. By choosing to eat something healthy every few hours you are helping to regulate your blood sugar levels and control cravings. Blood sugar roller coasters are linked to mood swings, anxiety, reduced mental alertness, depression, weight gain, fatigue, and many other symptoms. So, to feel your best, it’s important to snack.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you grab the nearest candy bar or bag of chips. Choose healthy snacks between meals and you’ll go a long way toward stronger life force energy. Munch on celery sticks with almond butter, eat veggies with hummus, or grab a piece of fruit, a handful of raw, unsalted nuts. Or, snack on a piece of 100% whole grain spelt bread (you can refer to the recipe for Quick Spelt Bread in my book, The Life Force Diet) with coconut oil spread on top. There are so many great snack options that sometimes all it takes is a little creativity to find the ones that suit you best.

I try to carry a small bag of raw, unsalted almonds with me. As delicious as they are nutritious, almonds are packed with magnesium, calcium, protein, and fiber. Eaten as a snack throughout the day, they help to stabilize blood sugar levels, encourage fat loss in overweight individuals, increase energy and balance moods.  Because they are an excellent source of magnesium and calcium—nature’s relaxation and mood-boosting nutrients, they are the perfect anti-stress food when eaten on a regular basis.

If you’re traveling or heading to work, be sure to carry some snacks with you. You’ll be far more likely to eat healthy snacks if they are readily available. By snacking between meals, you’ll balance your blood sugar, which in turn helps to balance your energy levels, moods, and speed weight loss if you’re overweight. Healthy snacking is a worthwhile habit.

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Michelle Schoffro Cook, DNM, DAc, CNC, is a six-time and best-selling book author whose works include: The Life Force Diet, The Ultimate pH Solution, and The 4-Week Ultimate Body Detox Plan. She is a doctor of natural medicine, holistic nutritionist, and holistic life coach. Visit to learn more. provides content and community for who you aspire to be–personally, socially and globally.


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