Liger Breeding Illegal in Taiwan

The liger cubs born recently in Taiwan were confiscated by the government, because the cubs were bred illegally. Agriculture official Kuo Yi-pin said, “It is against the law and nature to cross-breed the two protected species.”

The owner was fined $1,600, for violating wildlife protection laws. Violators of the law intentionally intermix animals to produce a rare genetic hybrid, and then charge admission for humans to see the unusual animal. Stephanie Feldstein from states, “Their only purpose is to sell tickets to people who want to gawk at the zoo equivalent of a circus freak sideshow.” also notes ligers are larger than a typical tiger cub, and their delivery by a female tiger can cause damage, and even death to the mother. In addition, ligers have birth defects and die young typically, says the cat organization.

They also explain that unscrupulous breeders will stop their practices if the public puts pressure on them, by boycotting animal zoos which exploit such animals. A related article reported there are about ten ligers in the world, and they all live in captivity.

The farm owner said he did not intend for the two large cats to breed, but they had grown up together and had a bond. The man is also a breeder of snakes, and has been accused of illegally selling tigers. His farm is supposedly called “World Snake King Education Farm.”

Image Credit: JimWests

Note: The liger above is in the U.S., and the people pictured with it have nothing to do with the farm in Taiwan.


Isabel Ramirez
Isabel Ramirez6 years ago

Hope the liger is doing well.

Camilla Vaga
Camilla V6 years ago

that is awful, stop all kinds of animal cruelty

Becky S.
Becky S7 years ago

I wonder what the government have done with the liger?

Elina L.
Elina L.7 years ago contains absolute information about ligers. No other website carries this much information. No other website is capable enough to discuss that much research about ligers. Therefore, please feel free to visit this website. THankyou :)

Aidan M.
Aidan M7 years ago

thank goodness the government cares about these animals!

Nath R.
Nath Rao7 years ago

Man's greed for money and infamy makes them tinker with nature. The consequences of such tinkering cannot be estimated at present. The poor animal will be the ultimate sufferer. It is best to stop such wild experiments and leave nature to itself and dont play God.

johan l.
paul l7 years ago

Heard of Ligers before but first time I have laid eyes on them. Thanks for the video!
Of course this should not be allowed and am glad the owner had a stiff fine!
Problematic for the future!
Can you imagine mating a Rhino with a Hippo.
Protected and endangered species should not be treated like this!

Vanessa S.
Vanessa S7 years ago

I am glad action is being taken against this irresponsible act and the people who did it.

Camilla Vaga
Camilla V7 years ago


Alicia Torres
Alicia T7 years ago

Leave nature alone!!!