DIY Mason Jar Candle Holders

While mason jars have an endless amount of uses, its hard to keep them from simply piling up on the counter while they await their next task. You don’t want to risk recycling them and finding yourself jar-free at a time of need!

Well, here’s one more creative way to keep your counter clean and share them with your friends and family.

Mason Jar Candle Holders

Illuminate your dinner table, bathroom, or window sill with this simple design.

You’ll need:
Mason Jar
Acetate Paper
X-acto Knife
Double Sided Tape
Spray Paint
Tea Candle

Using the x-acto knife, cut out various shapes or patterns from the acetate, making sure they are big enough to fit tape to the back side. Maybe leaves for Fall, flowers for Spring, or even names for place holders.

Placing the tape to the back of each shape, stick them around the outside of the jar.

In a well ventilated space or outdoors, spread newspaper around the ground where you’ll be spraying. You can use a variety of colors or if you want to keep it classic, just one for the whole jar. Now, lightly spray the outside of the jar with your paint, making sure to fully coat it without it getting too drippy.

Let the jar dry and remove your cut-outs.

Just drop in your candle and your lovely new holder is ready to light up the room!


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Thank you.

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thanks for sharing

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Great! Thanks for posting.

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Great idea for candles

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Wow, they're really easy to make. These actions on Disabled Greens News and discussion:
Actions for Black History Month, Prisoners rights, et al:

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Thanks, I know what to do with all those empty jars I have stored up now.

Joyce D.

i love recycling and using what you have at home instead of buying. DIY ideas are simply gorgeous. This idea has spun me to create beautiful jars that are intended not just for canning but for beautifying. Great idea!