6 Life Tips from Animals

Adam Verwymeren,†Networx

Animals inspire us, entertain†us and keep us company. But the animal kingdom also offers us plenty of tips and tricks on how to live smarter and more efficiently. Freed of human burdens, these creatures live a life far more natural than the ones we live. So letís tear a page from their books and take a few cues from the animal kingdom.

Go Vertical: A vibrant ecosystem of small animals gobbling up all the ground-level edibles creates an interesting problem: Scarcity down below while a bounty hangs in the tress up above. Giraffes have evolved an interesting solution to this problem: Go vertical. For dwellers of cramped apartments that always seem to be running out of space, take a little inspiration from the giraffe. Start using more vertical space to solve your scarcity problem. Stackable crates, shelves, hooks and pulleys are a great way to fit more stuff in less space. C’mon, you know you want to do a little DIY†carpentry.

Love Your Kitchen: The mere sound of a can of tuna or bag of dog food being opened can send a pet sprinting to receive its meal. Pets understand the importance of the kitchen and mealtimes. Unfortunately for many of us, our pets have more structured and better eating habits than we do. Eating has become a mindless act to be done in the car, while walking down the street or sitting on the couch, rather than a moment to be cherished.†So make your kitchen and your mealtimes special.

Be Satisfied With What You Have: Fans of the amazing Maru ó the house cat that loves to nest in any box no matter the size ó can take a lesson from this petís playbook. You donít need to demand the best and nicest furniture to be comfortable. An old hand-me-down couch ó the human equivalent of Maruís beloved cardboard boxes ó can be better and more comfortable than some expensive†stylish designer sofa. So learn to appreciate what you have.

Ditch the Clutter: Sure,†cats love iPads and birds love shiny bits of foil, but for the most part, animals surround themselves only with the necessities. If youíve filled your home with countless knickknacks and gadgets, maybe itís time to strip down to the essentials. By getting rid of the clutter, you can boost your efficiency and find some peace. (Read†organizing tips from†NYC-based Feng Shui expert and Networx writer†Ann Bingley-Gallops).

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Stock Your Pantry: So that they always know where the next meal is coming from, many animals like chipmunks and platypuses can store large amounts of food in their cheeks. Learn from their example and always keep a well-stocked panty in your home. Sure, youíre not likely to perish in a snowy field or Tasmanian stream for want of a meal, but you never know when friends might drop by unexpectedly, or you develop a hankering for a sandwich.

Donít Fear a DIY Project: While they may not have mastered complex tools, animals are infinitely resourceful. Birds build their homes from grass, sticks, twine or whatever else they can find. Beavers construct complex dams with little more than a set of teeth. If these animals are capable of such feats of construction, surely you can†hang a shelf or put together some†Ikea furniture. So quit putting off those DIY projects and living in fear of the how-to guide. Pick up some tools and build something.

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Elisa F.
Elisa F4 years ago

:) Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe6 years ago

Adam, I loved this article!! It was so cool the way you tied things to certain animals!!
We use our vertical space (even though our cats have to inspect it).
We prepare and cook in the kitchen, but we eat in the Dining Room.
We have learned to appreciate what we have.
We do need to work on ditching some of the clutter!!
Our pantry is stocked pretty well.
I am always starting some sort of DIY project and drag my husband into it, also.

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This article was clever. Thank you!

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Lin Penrose
Lin Penrose6 years ago

We humans must not forget that we are animals in the mammal catagory. Thousand of other species of 'animals' are now extinct or becoming that way, because of homo sapiens sapiens, animal, the self named wise humans - that us. We certainly don't pay attention or apply lessons once learned in the long-term intelligence, wisdom, of true survival.

Dale Overall

Interesting but there is nothing wrong with some knick knacks around-besides, what would the cat toss off the shelf if I am not on time in feeding her!

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