Lose Weight with Sugar?

Before you run to your local donut store, bakery, or pastry shop to chow down on sweets, keep reading. Most forms of sugars cause weight GAIN. But new research shows that a particular type of sugar called D-ribose, or sometimes just ribose for short, can actually help with weight LOSS and boost energy levels.

Research shows that D-ribose is metabolized by the body to create adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is the body’s energy supply and is used by every cell for every metabolic function. D-ribose helps by resetting the body’s ATP levels thereby supplying the body with sufficient energy for burning fat, balancing blood sugar levels, warding off cravings, and of course, boosting energy levels. That’s not such a bad thing either since we all need energy to exercise and keep active or just to feel good.

Many athletes also take D-ribose to boost endurance levels, performance, and recovery time.

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Also called the sugar “vitamin”, researchers found that D-ribose was helpful for women with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)–a serious condition in which the energy centers of the cells become impaired, causing debilitating fatigue as well as many other symptoms. In the study, women experienced an average 61% increase in energy after three weeks of supplementing with 15 grams of D-ribose daily.

While one of the constituents of ribose is riboflavin, which is vitamin B2, it is not technically a vitamin in its own right. However, the body uses riboflavin to make ribose so eating more foods with riboflavin can help to mildly boost your ribose levels. Some good sources of riboflavin include: mushrooms, soybeans, and spinach.

D-ribose is available in supplement form. Most experts suggest 4 grams of D-ribose at a time, with doses up to 15 grams. More is not always better, though, as excessive amounts can become too much for the body to use.

Always consult a qualified physician before taking any nutritional supplement to be sure it is suitable for you.

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