Love Cats? Catify Yourself!

Okay, this is a bit weird, but also too much quirky fun to miss! With an app sponsored by Friskies Cat Food you can turn yourself into a cat.Really.

Just upload a picture of yourself or use their built-in webcam and snap a mugshot. Then choose from one of three pussycat templates, reposition your photo, and voila – you will have catified yourself!

Unfortunately, the app does not come with an additional nine lives. Maybe they can figure that out in the upgrade!

To start catifying visit the Friskie Facebook page or download the app on your iphone from the Apple Store.For a few good laughs check-out my family and friends post-catification on the next pages!


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Carrie Anne Brown

haha thanks for sharing :)

Cherise U.
Cherise U.5 years ago

@ Syd - agreed about most commerical pet foods!

Cherise U.
Cherise U.5 years ago

Yes, this is WEIRD, but I am glad to see many of you Care2 readers can have a little morphic fun!

Jane R.
Jane R5 years ago

Thanks. I'll have to try it out. I love cats!

Winnie Rosaline
Winnie Rosaline5 years ago

ha ha, that's sooooo weird.

Luann L.
Luann Lilley5 years ago

How cute.

Lin M
Lin M5 years ago

To weird. I have enough trouble being me.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago


Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago

How funny. Thanks Cherise.

Syd H.
Syd H5 years ago

Sent this to a friend who will really appreciate it.

But have to agree with Dale O. Most commercial pet foods are awful for the animal. Same as the "Standard American Diet" (SAD). It's why animals are getting fat and diabetes. They are not meant to eat GMO grains anymore than we are (or cows, pigs, horse, chickens, salmon, etc).