Lovetarian Diet (video)

Four years ago, I decided to clean up my mind and become a Lovetarian. Choosing loving thoughts over fearful delusions was a tough transition at first. Giving up fear is like giving up sugar. Much like sugar, fear is a sneaky ingredient that hides out in everything. And just when you think youíve got it under control all of sudden it pops up again. Therefore releasing fearful patterns requires you become a Lovetarian. In this vlog I throw down three simple steps for you to begin your Lovetarian diet today!†I welcome you to leave questions or comments below : )

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Ellen Polley
Ellen Polley6 years ago

We can only change ourselves, not the actions/personal responsibility of others. Happiness is a choice. In the exact same set of circumstances, one person chooses to be unhappy and focused on what's wrong, and the other chooses to focus on what's right and good. Happiness is a perception that is entirely within our control. I personally choose to see the good around me, and what I am grateful for. yes, that doesn't change my external circumstances, but neither would being unhappy about them. I change what I can, and I don't worry about the rest or let it bring me down. Why would I choose to be unhappy when I can choose to be happy? :))

Brie B.
Brie B6 years ago

Right on- Thanks, Gabby!

Deborah Kampfer
Deborah Vitek6 years ago

Yes, just go around being happy and looking at the bright side and finding excuses for people while the world goes to hell. I am so sick of all this new age crap about being happy. Real happiness is a very fleeting emotion. Rather than trying to capture it as a permanent state we should turn our attention to all the very wrong things that are going on in the world and DO SOMETHING constructive which might be hard, might make us feel bad for a few minutes or make us feel better in the long run, but ignoring all the problems with an emphasis on being happy is simply ignorant. If I hear one more person say, "it will work out as it should", I might scream right in their ear that they are stupid.

I can't think of much to be happy about, but a lot of changes, people taking personal responsibility, politicians actually acting as leaders and addressing the fact that we must drastically change how we are living, that could begin to make me happy.

Nadine L.
Nadine L6 years ago

I wish you'd also write out the text for those of us who prefer to read rather than watch.

Nicholas T.

Thanks for that! Sounds like a good idea. What kind of published author are you/are you aspiring to be? What do you write?

Mirna Judith O.
Mirna Judith O6 years ago

Nice article...

Nicolle L.
Nicolle L.6 years ago

Yes yes YES! I started a Lovetarian Diet around a year ago - my practice started with a decision to take control of what I was thinking (thanks to an amazing psychologist who opened me to the conecpt that, with practice, I CAN direct my thoughts) Louise L Hay's 'You Can Heal Your Life', and Don Miguel Ruiz's 'The Four Agreements', which I'd already been reading but struck a new resonance with post my decision.

I find the concept that we can re-train our brains away from addiction to negativity so amazing. I also know that it IS possible, and like you say Gabrielle, it's as simple (and challenging!) as engaging with a daily practice. There is no strength greater than a little self-discipline.

My life has opened up in so many wondrous ways, and continues to do so every day as I become stronger at the practice. Thanks for sharing your ways!

Tom Mccurry
Tom McCurry6 years ago

There are a few other big helps that I didn't hear (though I wasn't 100% focused, so I might have missed something).

1) Cut out negative media exposure
2) Listen to positive music
3) Watch uplifting movies/shows

Suzanne H.
Suzanne H6 years ago

Bang on! Thanks!

Mayra L.
Mayra G6 years ago

what a fantastic video! thanks for sharing and keep up the awesome work! ^_^