Low-Stress Organic Veggie & Herb Gardening

This is our first year in our new home. Itís thrilling to see the hundreds of tulips poking through the snow dust. The previous owner has some nice flower beds and a herb bed, but no†vegetable garden.

Iíve had some great flower gardens in my day and a few good veggie and herb successes, but I donít consider myself a great or very experienced gardener at all.

I have only attempted my own seedlings a few times and mostly I suck at it. Usually I donít get my act together until too late, and for a variety of reasons my seedlings have met with calamity involving a pet, kid or unwitting husband.

This year I got hubby on board early and we both want to try and grow some organic veggies and herbs from our fabulously over sized and sunny deck.†After our failed raised bed experiment in the old houseóthis very enthusiastic Green Diva meticulously watched the sun and found the only patch that had full sun, but the trees werenít entirely full yet. Once we got the beds built, the expensive organic soil mixed w/ our compost filled in, the veggies and herbs tucked in, and the fence to protect it all was constructed, the leaves on that darned tree seemed to expand and there just wasnít enough sun! We had some lettuce and a few good herbs, but ugh.

I hadn’t yet met the marvelous Kristee Rosendahl, the force behind the BRILLIANT gardening app, SmartGardener. I met her before she formally launched the app and I’m so thrilled it is now fully available! We interviewed her on the show this week (unfortunately, we were unable to record – sorry – but we will definitely have her back during the summer). There is so much more to this app now, we were all salivating, because it is SUCH a perfect gardening tool for a green diva (or a green dude!).

We are starting a series of posts journaling our adventures in the gardens this season.

It starts with sustainable, organic, non-GMO seeds . . .

I havenít had much luck finding organic veggie or herb plants that werenít going to cost a small fortune. Itís important to me to start with healthy essentials like†organic, non-GMO seeds and organic soil.

My recent post about making seedling pots out of upcycled newspaper and toilet paper rolls and giving those seeds a good start

Green Diva Meg's seedlings as of 3.23.13

Get Creative with UpCycling Ideas for the Garden . . .

Green Diva Mizar’s post on some wonderful creative DIY upcycling projects for the garden and a step-by-step tutorial on how to make garden markers out of cat food tin lids and wire hangers (and of course other fun adornments!)

Green Diva Mizar's DIY Garden Markers from Cat Food Lids




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I was searching for many blogs site and now finally I have got this cool place with lots of information.
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Thx for these tips..love the black kitty!!!

John S.
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Some plants are more difficult to start from seeds, maybe not difficult but more planning. Look for packages that are marked organic, many more available today than a few years ago.

Beki W.
Beki W.4 years ago

Great article--thanks! Settling up seedlings--especially organic seedlings--can be quite costly and time consuming. I like the seeds the Green PolkaDot Box sells--so that's one part down: http://www.greenpolkadotbox.com/garden/seeds.html Next is perfecting the green thumb!

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great ideas, thanks!

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Wonderful! Thanks Meg.

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Nice to see very nifty tips and help on herbal gardening. I'm sort of a newbie, and will be keeping up on my plants' needs.