Loyal Dog Stays By Dead Owner’s Side for 23 Days (Video)

A missing man was found in his crashed pickup truck, but he wasn’t alone. Rescue workers discovered Jimmy’s body 23 days later. His dog BeBe, a small Maltese who followed him everywhere, stayed by his side the entire time. It’s evident that BeBe fought hard to stay alive, possibly attacked by a coyote or bobcat during her stay in the woods. BeBe will receive vet care before being taken back home to Jimmy’s sad but grateful family.

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Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe3 years ago

I am sorry for Meta's loss of her dad, but by taking Bebe, she will always have a part of her dad with her!

Sheila M.
Sheila M3 years ago

Bless these people - it is wonderful to hear thath these people have morals and ethics - unlie so many vile POS family memeber that dump the pet after the owner dies.

Angev GERIDONI3 years ago

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Care 2

Thank you for sharing

Angev GERIDONI3 years ago

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Colin Hope
Colin Hope3 years ago

Thanks for sharing!!

john pierce
John Pierce3 years ago

I love dogs! Thanks for sharing.

Gloria picchetti
Gloria picchetti3 years ago

I hope BB and the family will be OK. It looks as if the little dog might run trying to find Jimmy. RIP.

Julie Cannon
Julie Cannon3 years ago

What a loyal friend! I hope Bebe gets well soon and lives a happy life.

Janelle Kennedy
Janelle Kennedy3 years ago

That made me tear up a little. I am glad the dog survived
those three weeks in the woods

Jane R.
Jane R3 years ago

What a sad story. This little dog is a hero. I hope he lives a long happy life.