Make a Durable Sink with a Galvanized Bucket

Is the multi-purpose galvanized tub the most useful invention ever? It’s inexpensive, durable, rust resistant, and can even be used as an ad hoc sink.

Remodelista contributor Izabella spotted this example of galvanized tub ingenuity at the Swedish garden and home decor store Enkla Ting. Kajsa, the store owner, is an avid gardener; when she isn’t potting plants or weeding her flower beds, she writes an inspiring blog where she posts about her home projects. Kajsa made her own sink by using a galvanized vintage tub for the store’s bathroom. Below are a few items to help you recreate the look.

Above: The faucet is elevated with the help of a concrete block.

Above: The sturdy vintage bucket adds an industrial note to the shop’s rustic bathroom.

Above: A Galvanized Oval Wash Tub is $17.49 from Amazon.

Above: A 16″ Oldcastle Concrete Block is $1.14 at Home Depot.

Looking for more ways to incorporate durable and inexpensive galvanized buckets into your home? Visit Remodelista’s posts Outdoor: Galvanized Tubs and DIY: Garage Organization Strategies for ideas.



Walter G.
Walter G5 years ago

We use plastic buckets and pans, and just pitch the weater out. Galvanized steel has taken a back seat to stainless steel for those inclined to use steel due to plastic's environmental impact, we're phasing it in as items wear out.

Laura S.
Laura S5 years ago

How did they get the plumbing for the faucet through that concrete block? Does the tub have a drain, or do they just pitch the water out the window?

Reminds me of the summer we spent in my uncle's "farm house" back in 1963. It was a place he'd bought in the country that was waiting to be renovated for his retirement. Uncle John let us stay there while they finished construction of our new house. It had no indoor bathroom, but DID come with running water in the kitchen. (Although I'm not so sure about there being HOT as well as cold water. Mom may have kept a pot on the stove for wash water.) My mom would make us kids take baths every Saturday night (I kid you not) in a big galvanized wash tub in the middle of the kitchen floor. It must have been quite the ordeal, as there were six of us, the oldest being no more than ten years of age and my baby sister just a few months old. My poor, sainted mother! :-)

Thanks for the memories, but I'm not going to try this look at home any time soon. I'm happy with my porcelain sink. Galvanized steel is really hard to keep clean. Maybe vintage enameled steel would be a better fit for a bathroom.

Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago


Terry Vanderbush
Terry V5 years ago

To each their own

Ralph Henderson
Ralph Henderson5 years ago

I know the galvanizing is to keep the rust down, but you might want to look into how unhealthy it is for using regarding cleanliness etc. I know it can kill birds, so a little more research please.

Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson5 years ago


Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Magdalen B.
Magdalen B5 years ago

Easy to chip crockery in though.

Pat W.
Pat W5 years ago

wonderful idea

Eternal Gardener
Eternal Gardener5 years ago