How to Make Fun, Natural Holiday Cards

Nature provides some of the most beautiful designs in the world. Just think of the perfect the design of a nautilus shell, or a milkweed pod, or a Ginkgo Biloba leaf.

You can easily make fold-over notes using natural forms such as small leaves, fern fronts, or seedpods as printing stamps, and the project is fun for kids and adults alike. One idea to inspire would be repeating a pattern, such as the pattern of a Ginkgo Biloba leaf. I have seen this done before and the results are stunning.

Here are five simple steps for how to decorate fold-over holiday cards, inspired by Nature Crafts, by Marilyn Oliver. They do not need an envelope!

If you want to have the cards be self-mailers, leave the front of the notes blank so that the address may be written.

8 1/2 -by-11-inch construction or art paper
Water-based paint or ink
Nature objects such as leaves and seedpods
Paintbrush, 1/2 to 1 inch wide ==

1. For each fold-over note, cut a piece of the paper to 6 by 11 inches.

2. Spread some paint evenly on a paper or washable plate.

3. Lay the natural object in the paint. If you are using a leaf, lay the vein side down into the paint. Make a sample print on newsprint or scrap paper to see whether you have too much or too little paint. Once you’ve determined how much paint to use, dip the leaf again.

4. After the notes have dried, fold them in three sections–two equal sections of 4 inches each, and one that is 3 inches.

5. Fold the 3-inch flap down. After you have written your letter, seal the flap in place with a sticker.

Adapted from Natural Crafts, by Marilyn Tower Oliver (Stackpole Books, 1994).


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I make cards occasionally and I love it. It's good creative and artistic therapy for me and the recipient knows that time and effort (and love) went into making and personalizing it.

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