The Secret To Making Guests Feel Welcome

What is it about some peopleís homes, that when you visit you feel instantly transported to a place of welcome and enjoyment, and when you leave you are inspired to try to make your home feel the same way? What is the trick? The secret? We think we have found five very important clues. . .!

The Five Main Senses – And How to Work With Them

When your senses are pleased, you are pleased. When the senses are comforted, you are comforted. When they are on edge in anyway, you enjoy yourself less! The secret of a welcoming home is to work hard to make sure each of the five basics senses will be in a state of bliss for whoever is present! Note that the senses overwhelming prefer natural versus synthetic materials.

What are your guests hearing when they are in your home? Music (what kind)? Nature? Voices (what mood)? Electronics? What will your guestsí hearing tell them about your home? How can you change this impression if you think it might not be positive?

Think of the things your guests will touch. Is the upholstery clean? Is the upholstery natural? Are napkins paper or linen? How much synthetic material will your guests touch (plastic, polyester, vinyl)? Natural materials are always the most comforting. In the winter, will the guests be warm enough, or cold? In the summer will they be cool enough?

The food you offer to guests is always important. What is the food you are offering and what sort of impression will it leave on your guests? That you like to cook? That you donít spend time in the kitchen? Whatever your food style, pay attention to the menu details so that the food is good quality and flavorful.

The scent of a home is an important aspect of how a person will grasp who you are! What will your guests smell when they enter your home? Natural or synthetic scents, such as from different kinds of aromatherapy candles or air fresheners? New carpeting or naturally washed floors? Will they smell food simmering on the stove or in the oven, wafting its aroma throughout the house?

Surrounding yourself with what you feel is beautiful really pays off when you are entertaining, because your guests will enter a place filled with your intention of establishing beauty. Almost everyone loves it when a personís intention to please others is evident. Do you have dried or fresh flowers out? Have you spent time honing your sense of style so that your home is imbued with it? Put your best foot forward for how your home looks.


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