Manifest Your Goals with Elephant

The massive elephant is the most earthy of animals and understands the manifestation process as does no other. Elephantís capacity to manifest is connected to following the path of the heart, and elephants have huge hearts. This meditation journey with Elephant teaches us how to manifest what we want or need in the physical world.

Learn from Elephant how to get what you want and then look to see what lies beyond your expectations. With Elephant, you love and celebrate the earth on which you stand. As a way of thanks, of giving back, we can adopt an elephant for ourselves or as a holiday gift–as a personal way of contributing to safeguarding these giants of the jungle. Manifest your goals with this inspiring Elephant meditation:

It is best to have a specific purpose when you take this journey. Choose a goal or an obstacle to work with. Elephant can also help you manifest the things you need in your life. You can choose to focus on immediate or long-range plans.

This journey has two parts. The first part helps you see immediate steps you need to take, and the second helps you get a clear view of your ultimate goal.

Elephant Journey
Itís dark. First see an elephantís eyes-big, intelligent, and willing to share your burden. As you look into the eyes of your elephant, tell him your problem or what you would like to accomplish. His form comes into view, and you become aware of the night sky, with a full moon and a blanket of stars, and then of the earth. The elephant drops slowly to one knee, and you climb onto his back.

The elephant begins to take you on a walk through nature. Ride the elephant through thickest of bushes, forests, or jungle, aware that no obstacles thwart your passage. You are following your heartís desire and allowing your intellect to help you find the correct, balanced path. As you sway with the motion of the elephant, chest forward, you feel the elephantís heart as your own, and your heart merges with his and naturally begins to open.

The terrain grows steeper, and the path more rigorous and narrow. Receive an intellectual awareness of what your problem or situation is and what you can do about it. By the time youíve reached the top of the mountain, your heart is fully open. Youíve merged with, become one with, the elephant.

Your Journey
From your new vantage point on the peak of the mountain, feel the first ray of sunlight appear and strike your third eye. Allow yourself to experience the full impact and intensity of the sunlight as it penetrates your third eye during the time it takes for the sun to rise.

As the horizon opens out before you, take five deep breaths. Throw your head and trunk back with each inhale through your nose, and blow out the breath from your mouth as you bring your head forward. At the end of the fifth breath, lie on your back. With your final exhale, begin to float and allow whatever will to happen. Allow your vision to carry you into the future. The elephant has cleared your path and shown you the way. Explore. Look beyond your expectations. Stay as long as you are comfortable.

To come back, think of the elephantís eyes.

Adapted from Power Animal Meditations, by Nicki Scully (Bear & Company, 2001).

Adapted from Power Animal Meditations, by Nicki Scully (Bear & Company, 2001). Copyright (c) 2001 by Nicki Scully. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.


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Sounds great, thanks for help!

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This meditation is great... and is even better if someone else can guide you through it....
Thanks again !!

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Thanks for this article. Love elephants . . . . .

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Elephants are the gentle giants of our world!

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One of my favorite animals

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"The elephant has cleared your path and shown you the way."

I like the sound of that and I'm going to have to undertake this journey sometime soon!

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Elephants are amazing creatures.