Man’s Tame Deer Shot by Officials

On a private farm in Randolph County nine tame deer were shot and killed by North Carolina wildlife agents. No warning was given. One of the deer living on Wayne Kinley’s property was recovering from injury, and the other was an abandoned fawn. The other seven were exotic European deer.

It has been reported the reason indicated for killing the deer was the possibility they could have chronic wasting disease. However, this disease reportedly has never been found in North Carolina’s deer population.

Kinley was completely surprised by the sudden shooting, “I sat and actually watched them shoot the deer. I saw them shoot one deer and I just put my head down on the back of a truck and about went to my knees. I just about went limp.” (Source:

Nine agents and officer vehicles were on his property for the incident, which is exactly the same number of deer put down. Did they need an official for each deer?

The executive director for the North Carolina Wildlife Commission said, “Euthanasia was required because the origin of these deer could not be verified and because continuous containment within one facility could not be assured.” (Source:

Kinley’s attorney said the search warrant used during the raid, didn’t mention chronic wasting disease or killing all the deer. It only provided for capturing them.

A woman who raised one of the deer said, “I did not raise her up for months to be thrown away like a piece of trash and tested for a disease we don’t even have.” (Source:

Image Credit: USDA photo by Scott Bauer



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Dale O.

You were most certainly wonderful to help the wounded yearling deer that you found, Mary H and for asking the vet that all important question.

Sadly, those officials had no business doing what they did when the disease had not even been a problem in the state.

Jennifer C.

Want death to stop- then we have to stand up and stop it. We need to pass laws to protect people and wildlife from awful laws, stupid laws.

Jennifer C.

Let's help this man sue these assholes individually as well as the state. This has to stop before they abuse their power again in the same and other areas.

Why do government officials abuse citizens. This isn't much different than a communist regime-- taking private property for B.S. reasons. If the guy needed a license, then help him get one, or at least collect the deer and find a rehab/refuge where they can be cared for.

These men that partook in this shooting are accountable for evil. I would hope a suit against the state and these individuals would go forward- to the highest level-- this is a cruel deprivation of personal property. Americans need to stand up now to state and federal government before we have no freedom or rights!

Konstantin Trubin

Это же убийство.

Winn Adams
Winn A4 years ago

Disgusting and despicable. Seek justice in the courts.

Kathleen G.
Kathleen G5 years ago

Those thugs were assassins on a misguided mission.They set out to slaughter those poor helpless deer and they did.No warrant to kill,they feel above the law,they work for the govt.don't they? Wildlife agents are hired killers,they do not care about wildlife to them it is a dream job,go hunting (even in a closed private area like these poor deer were in) get to murder animals and get paid very well to do it.There are long lines of sociopaths waiting for these jobs.

Sheri Schongold
Sheri Schongold5 years ago

We have jerks running that group and working in it as well.

Mary Hale
Mary Hale5 years ago

My granddaughter found a yearling deer with its one hind quarter torn and infected, she came to me and said can't we help it? We live in a rural area, lots of trees and in the winter put out corn for the deer. They will come and eat and then leave. I knew if called the wildlife people they would just stoot it, so right or wrong I took it to a vet.The vet at first said he couldn't take care of it as it was against the law. , so I asked him if it was your daughter that brought the deer to you would you take care of it? needless to say he cleaned the wound gave me some medicine for it, and bless his hear he wouldn't take any money for his work. We brought the deer home and in the house. took care of it, haled its head and gave it love, food and medicine. as she got stronger, she was put out in the barn, no fences and one day she was gone. But each winter she would come back for the corn in the winter. To me that was better than shooting it. I am not stating which state as don't want to get anyone in trouble.I just do not understand why some people don't want to try to help animals, and want to put people in jail for helping an animal. Loving and kindness, compassion, are all things that should be taught in the home, and it starts with the parents.

deb s.
deb s5 years ago

why were officials on private land and why without warning? so unfair man thinks he can do as he pleases without repercussions well the higher power will deal with this action. my heart goes out for the pet deer and the man who had love to care for him

Christian R.
Land Lost5 years ago

If they wanted to test the deer for this wasting disease, the reasonable solution would have been to shoot the deer with a tranquilizer, put them in quarantine, take blood, test for the disease. I'm sure the owners would have been willing to pay many costs involved in this rather than simply seeing their animals shot in cold blood. Though according to one doctor "Dr. Margaret Wild, a wildlife veterinarian for the National Park Service in Fort Collins, Colo., said the testing on the brain is the only reliable test." meaning I suppose that they have to be dead before you can test them (?!)

The article in (links in the article above) is worth reading as well as it is more in depth. From

"Kindley said he bought fallow deer in 2003 and was told he didn't need a license for that type, native to Europe. Before that, he had tried to keep white-tailed deer but gave up after going back and forth with state officials, he said.

The animals weren't pets, he said. The fallow deer shed antlers that he used for chandeliers and lamps. The one-eyed deer couldn't survive in the wild and the fawn just followed him back to the fence when he tried to release it, Kindley said

"To come in and slaughter these animals without giving me and my wife a court date to prove how long we've had them ... to do what they've done was unlawful and unconstitutional," he said."

I agree. Where's the petition???