How to Market Your Vegan Business

The market for vegan businesses is booming!

With the spread of veganism from the UK to Germany, Israel, the US and beyond, there is a strong market for new vegan products, services and innovations worldwide.

The companies below specialize in consulting and PR work for vegan organizations, companies, authors and so on. Although their physical base may be in Canada or the UK, most are comfortable working with clients worldwide.

All the best of luck on your new vegan business!

A special thanks to M. Butterflies Katz for posting: 140 vegan businesses around the world. Much of the information for this post was gleaned, with permission, from her blog.

All of the companies and links below are provided as resources and are not intended as endorsements.

Evolotus PR

Los Angeles, CA., USA

Evolotus Public Relations agency has been owned and operated, since 2006, by vegan animal rights activists: Gary Smith and Kezia Jauron.


“Evolotus serves clients in socially beneficial industries such as health, wellness, spirituality, documentary films, green technologies, animal advocacy, and vegan foods. Our mission is to help like-minded people and businesses tell their story, gain visibility and generate sales to in turn create a better, more sustainable and peaceful world.”


“Evolotus principals Gary Smith and Kezia Jauron have decades of experience in advertising, marketing, and public relations for a range of clients and products. They left the profitable world of corporate high-tech PR to create Evolotus in 2006. Gary and Kezia have worked together since 1998, and have been married since 2002.”

All Things Vegan

Boulder, CO.

All Things Vegan is a consulting business for vegan goods and services. It is owned and operated by  vegan staff since 2010.


“Our mission is to promote quality vegan products, while expanding awareness of the positive impact of vegan lifestyles on animals, people, and the planet.”


“I wanted to help vegan companies succeed and after being a purchasing director for over two decades and seeing many vegan companies launch and fail, I wanted to use my skills to help assist vegan entrepreneurs succeed in a highly competitive retail market. My inspiration is in wanting to save as many animals as possible and live a consistent vegan life.” Lisa works with only vegan companies. She has been a passionate animal rights activist and vegan for almost 30 years.

Concept Branding

Toronto, ON., Canada

Concept Branding is and has been Toronto’s only vegan social media company since 2010. (Online service)


They offer social media services to ethical vegan companies such as brand stewardship by monitoring their Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts.


“We are an intentional vegan social media company.” Co-Founders: Mathieu Le François and Lidia Le François; a husband and wife team, say “We both have marketing backgrounds and enjoy reaching out to help our community. We want to work with like-minded people to get more of a vegan message out there. By offering our service we are able to help vegan companies with their message.”

In their words, “We are dedicated to helping vegan companies spread the word of alternatives to the mainstream and through our established network of like-minded followers create awareness for vegan companies.”

Vegan Edge Consulting

Physical location: England, UK and Ontario, Canada (Operated worldwide online)


Vegan Edge Consulting is a full service Business Development and Marketing agency working exclusively with vegan businesses and entrepreneurs. They offer Strategy and Planning, Branding and Marketing, Web Development and Graphic Design services.


Owner, Simon Allard, is a business coach and marketing strategist by profession and has been running his own consulting company since 1999. Simon explains “However, because I am passionate about my veganism (my whole family is strictly vegan, too) I have newly set up ‘Vegan Edge Consulting’ as a separate business to EXCLUSIVELY help vegan businesses and entrepreneurs. This means I can now combine my years of business and marketing experience with my ethical lifestyle choices to help other vegans in their business pursuits.” They also run several other Vegan Facebook pages: Vegan Business Guide, Toronto Vegan Guide. Become A Vegan, and Vegan Maven.


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