Melt Their Hearts with a Love Letter

Flowers, chocolate and home-cooked dinners are elements of a lovely Valentine’s Day. However, there are two things that really melt a person’s heart: A hand-written love letter and good conversation.

Personally, I have sat with stuffed bears, jewelery and chocolate, in fancy restaurants all perfectly coiffed, feeling disappointed, unheard and frustrated, as I endured one-sided long conversations.

Valentine’s Day can be like New Year’s Eve–a lot of hype and high expectations and then you usually end the night outside in the cold, fighting for a taxi. Blah! Who wants that? Avoid this scenario by showing your partner gratitude and thoughtfulness and do your part to create a special day together.

Surprise your partner with a love letter, letting them know just how grateful you are to have them in your life. Think of a favorite or special activity, a memory, a moment shared and tell them in your letter why it is important to you.

And when you are talking with your partner, take a step back and look at them–ask yourself what does this person bring into your life? How is your life better because of them? And then tell them!

Make your partner feel cherished by listening to them as they talk about their thoughts and get involved by asking questions to really understand their perspective and then share parts of yourself with them.

We are often so determined to be heard that it is so refreshing and enjoyable to actually listen. Get caught up or go deeper: Examine their eyes when they talk, look at their expressions, listen to their laughter.

Thoughtful words written and spoken are more endearing and memorable than any expensive gift given, these are the gestures speak of true love and respect. provides content and community for who you aspire to be–personally, socially and globally.

By Kelly McIntyre,


K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Dwight B.
Past Member 8 years ago

A reprint of a letter sent to a woman in prison from her husband they were enrolled in our prison ministry. Her husband waited on her every need while there. She had problems with alcohol and drug abuse. She got ten years, but during her stay she found the GOD of Creation. JESUS filled her with HIS HOLY SPIRIT now after that time she has been clean and sober for 61/2 years. She was paroled after doing 2 ½ years.

First and foremost I need to tell you this
I have no idea like you have said
How hard prison would be

But I do know this
Each time I get a letter or card from you
I cry big tears not of sadness or grief
But knowing that all you do for me in prison is a sacrifice

All good and Godly love comes from sacrifice
JESUS paid the highest price of sacrifice with HIS life

That too I feel each time you do remember me
With pen in hand to give me encouragement and your undying love

Yes you were right in the card I just got
We both have had to grow up more in
GOD’s will and HIS ways
Believe me we will never be separated even in death again
For when in Heaven 1000 years here is just a flash in the pan up there

Dwight B.
Past Member 8 years ago

So as one goes the other stays just in a flash the other is there sided-by-side hand in hand
In GODS great work for us in the Promised Land
To be happy forever after paying the price as JESUS did sacrifice

As for all your siblings
I think and believe
It is all about money
That tells all the tales
Well what they have not thought much about
Is the price out yonder and the price right here?
The words of the LORD are clear
The way they have abused you they are headed to
The devils hell

That is not a good thought
But like I have told you before
I am through with all of them
Yes, I have lifted my hedge of protection for them and theirs.

Peter James and John did that too
That is simply the way
GODS will can be accomplished
On our time on this earth for the ungodly
We have to lift the hedge of protection
And when we do
Like Ananias and Sapphira
Lives change

Not to put a negative note on this letter CARD

But I want you to rely on HIM for everything
For what all your siblings have you do not need
They all have the need for greed
JESUS said you cannot serve two masters
GOD or Mammon / greed we must choose

None of them have a clue
What free will offering means
That my Dear One is
GOD’s only way of giving

We never give to get

Dwight B.
Past Member 8 years ago

By Dwight Baker ã
November 27, 2008
227 words

Amid all the clamor of our blessed nation gone awry
And a world system coming unwound
What is there to be thankful for?

Despise all the gloom
The pressures of depression
The seemed sometimes loss of all!
Yet in the hallways of our life
There are many inherent mortal other matters
To be hopeful and thankful for

For in each of us there remains the
Power to give
The core of this life is in
Giving back for the privilege of being a part
Of HIS Great Cosmic Plan
And having a part in GODS Great Cosmic Play

Hence when we extend our
Willing hands, hearts and minds
And Give unto others in cruel
Dire life threaten circumstances
We give back to our GOD

To those others in HIS earthly Cosmic Plan and Play
That despite of the many whys?
Some for lacks in good and Godly acts done unto them
Have resulted in them being insulted and shamefully enslaved

So reach out and touch GOD
Become an emissary today for HIS work in HIS KINGDOM
Open up your hands, hearts and minds
For those with needs that go far?
Beyond Belief

In doing so, YOU restore the dignity
In another fellow humans
Thus is the reason for this wonderful