Mermaid Toast is a Big Trend, and It’s Also Really Healthy (And Vegan!)

If you’re not on Instagram, you may not know that bright, colorful foods (a la unicorn-inspired desserts) are a big social media trend. That in itself might not be interesting enough to catch your attention… But what if we told you that the latest trend is healthy, beautiful to look at and 100 percent vegan?

Mermaid Toast: Pretty and Healthy

In line with people’s obsession for ‘90s nostalgia, mermaid toast is all about beautiful blue-green colors topped with star-shaped sprinkles and spread over whole grain toast. The blue-green hues themselves come from blue-green algae powder, a wonderfully healthy food, mixed with vegan almond milk cream cheese.

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People tend to get really creative with this stuff. You can purchase edible gold flakes specifically for the purposes of decorating your food, or you can cut up some vegan cheese in the shape of starfish. A third option? Using golden toasted nuts.

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An alternative version uses grape and strawberry jam in lieu of algae powder for a pink-and-purple iteration of mermaid toast.

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 7.42.01 PMImage via Kikitonesitup

Health Benefits of Algae

Aside from the high calcium content of almond milk cream cheese and the fiber content of whole-grain bread, mermaid toast packs a lot of health benefits in its main ingredient: blue-green algae. One of the most well-known blue green algae strains is spirulina, which you’ve no doubt heard of. Aphanizomenon flos-aquae is another commonly consumed strain.

Some of the most nutritious aspects of algae are its protein content and its amino acid profile. This is why algae is often consumed as a vegan supplement — algae are what give fish the protein and amino acids they need to survive, so you can get many of the health benefits of fish from consuming algae.

Blue-green algae is also high in antioxidants and contains more than 65 vitamins and minerals, according to the Global Healing Center.

So sure, mermaid toast is a little trendy, but that doesn’t negate its health benefits. So eat up!


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