Need More Time? Practice Your Presence

Avikal Costantino shares how to stop feeling pressed for time and find relief.

Take your time; there is no other time. Even when everything seems to accelerate beyond control – especially then – take your time.

Time does not exist as an objective thing; it depends completely on your perception and your connection with yourself. If you are present, in touch with how you experience reality and open to what you are experiencing, then you are the master of time, not its slave.

How do we do that? The method is simple: it has a few basic steps that require no particular skills, talents or techniques. It is called “practicing presence”.

I imagine that you, like me, want to live life and not just survive. I assume that you too want to experience life’s fullness and richness. I know that you too have asked yourself at least once, “Is this all there is to life?” There is an answer to that: presence.

It is the answer to all questions because it is the only quality that allows you to find your answers and those are the only answers that will satisfy your thirst and your longing.

Very often, it seems very difficult to take time for yourself, to find, even conceive, the possibility that you can live according to your rhythm. At times, nearly impossible. And yes, it’s not easy because pretty much everything in the world as we know it is there to distract us.

What is easy is getting lost in other people, in objects, in projects, in worrying, in acquiring and running after… and yet if we can just stop for a second and ask ourselves these questions: Who is getting lost? Who is running? Who is reading right now?

Just by asking this WHO, we are already a little less lost, a little less on the run, a little more present. And, then the next question is, present to who? To the only one that can be aware of the running and the getting lost and the reading and the asking… YOU! …Continue reading at

Avikal is a spiritual teacher and the author of Freedom to Be Yourself and Without a Mask.

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Donna Ferguson
Donna F4 years ago

this is a very relaxing article. thank you.

GGma Sheila D.
GGmaSAway D4 years ago

When my boys were young and I worked full time I used to stay up after the boys went to bed, not necessarily because I wasn't tired, but I wanted, needed, the quiet time. Time to regroup, to think over things done and said, or not done and said but should have been. Time to update my lists - my youngest always said I needed a list to keep track of all my lists. The next day I was more organized, and relaxed, because I took the time to relax, to reflect, to do what this article says, but maybe just a different approach.

Fi T.
Past Member 4 years ago

Treasure every moment we've got

j A4 years ago

worth trying and remembering

Shanti S.
S S4 years ago

Thank you.

Jonathan Smithsonian


Jess No Fwd Plz K.
Jessica K4 years ago

Achieving balance between activity and mindful presence is tricky. Stopping to ask yourself questions to ground yourself sounds like a good start.

Kay M.
Kay M4 years ago


Lynnl C.
Lynn C4 years ago


Kanako Ishiyama
Kanako I4 years ago