Need to Detox? Add This to Your Bath

Few things can relax your mind and body faster than a soak in a hot bath. It’s so important that we find ways to unwind, but did you know that baths can also be a great way to help your body detox?

Generally speaking, a detox bath is one that’s been specifically designed to refresh you by flushing your body of toxins such as environmental pollutants, heavy metals, mold and even remnants of old medications.

Toxins are everywhere! And as they accumulate, they may cause you to experience symptoms like resistance to weight loss, brain fog and sluggishness, sinusitis, elevated liver enzymes, and even delayed allergic reactions and food sensitivities. Detoxing removes this waste from your body so it can function more effectively.

Ready to flush the system? This popular recipe has been masterfully designed to remove toxins while simultaneously adding much-needed minerals like magnesium back into the body.


The Perfect Detox Bath Recipe

To make this detox bath recipe, simply add your ingredients to hot bath water and agitate with your hand to dissolve. Soak for approximately 30 minutes. It’s that simple! Keep in mind that detoxing will likely make you sweat — this is normal! Make sure you’re hydrated before you hop in, then continue to hydrate after you’re finished.

2 Cups of Epsom Salt

A must-have ingredient, epsom salt is rich in sulfur and magnesium — a mineral in which many Americans are deficient. It has anti-inflammatory properties (helps with sore muscles!), heals certain kinds of fungal infections and does an all-in-all great job of getting your body back where it needs to be.

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1 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

Yes, apple cider vinegar is popular in salad dressing, but it also works wonders for your skin! The acidity of apple cider vinegar softens and soothes dry, itchy skin, as well as restores its pH balance.

3/4 Cup Bentonite Clay

When mixed with water, bentonite clay becomes highly absorbent. It draws other substances to it like a magnet, making it the perfect addition to your detox bath. Relax and let it do its work drawing out impurities from your skin. This makes a great face mask too!

10 Drops of the Essential Oil of Your Choice

This is where you get to play! I recommend geranium essential oil (reduces inflammation and promotes hormonal imbalance) or lavender (a classic, relaxing fragrance). You could also try sandalwood oil or ylang ylang if you’re feeling creative.

Bonus Ingredients:

  • Aluminum-Free Baking Soda — Relieves muscle aches and alkalizes the body
  • Green Tea Bags — Full of minerals and antioxidants
  • Freshly-Grated Ginger — Boosts detoxification by encouraging sweating

How do YOU detox?

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