Neti Pots, Spanking and Forbidden Foods – Weekly Highlights

It’s that time again! Another week has passed, so we bring you the Healthy and Green highlights. Earth Day may be over officially, but we know members of Care2 live every day as earth day, so we have more green tips to incorporate into your everyday life. Keep the planet happy and your body healthy — that’s what we’re all about here at Healthy and Green Living. Here is some great content to help you stay true to that motto:

25 Wasteful Things You Can Live Without
Take a gander through this checklist, and see how many wasteful things you can drop from your life.

Top 5 Household Tips for Earth Day
Clean your house, help the planet, and win a free yoga mat and Care2 tote bag! Here’s how.

Washed Up Whale Reveals our Dirty Habits
Think our garbage is only dirtying our land? Think again: our landfills are seeping into our oceans. Gallons of our garbage were found inside the stomach of a whale found on the shore in West Seattle.

If Laughter is the Best Medicine, I’ll Be Just Fine
Keep laughing! It’s one of the best — and cheapest — types of medicine.

Neti Pot for Newbies
Are you suffering from spring sinus issues? Don’t shy away from a natural nasal rinse: listen to a neti pot convert and combat that congestion.

5 Best Snacks for Energy
While sweets and caffeine may be a great temptation when your energy reserves are running low, you’ll be much happier later on if you choose one of these instead.

Bend Over: Spanking Your Child Stupid (and Mean)
Is spanking children ever permissible? Join the discussion!

5 Myths About Gender Differences

We may not be so different after all. Read about fascinating studies that break down gender barriers.

How to Wash Produce and Why
Find out which fruits and veggies tend to be dirtier, and the best techniques to get them clean.

6 Once-Forbidden Foods That Aren’t So Bad For Us
Researchers have found that these foods are less sinful than we thought, and in some cases, can actually provide health benefits. Find out what makes these “bad” foods not so bad after all.

Have a great weekend, and stay tuned for more great stories brought to you by the Healthy and Green Living team!


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