Non-Toxic Shampoo and Conditioner: Day Four

Day four of the baking-soda-and-water shampoo with the apple-cider-vinegar-and-water conditioner, and things are looking good – in particular, my hair.

Which, if you have been reading, you know I don’t think is my best feature; and if you haven’t been reading, let’s just suffice it to say it still has a greenish tint to it from when I henna-dyed it black last year.

I actually got a compliment on my hair last night! Granted, it was in a dark room and there were several glasses of wine involved (there were also several people drinking from the several glasses), but still, it was a compliment directed at my hair!

I highly recommend this new ridiculously simple hair care routine, though I would do an intermediate step if you’re currently using regular old commercial shampoo, be it salon-brand or generic. Either one will have lots of chemicals and going straight from that to baking soda might be too much of a shock. I have been using all-natural, store-bought shampoo and conditioner for about a year now and I think that was instrumental in making the switch to totally natural a non-oily-haired experience.

- Jocelyn Broyles

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Duane B.
.5 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Melissa C.
Melissa Colbert6 years ago

I've tried this method, however my hair was fairly greasy, and it did not get rid of my grease. I'm wondering if it goes away soon or if it takes a couple weeks for it to go away? Any tips? Thanks. :)

Angela N.
Angela N6 years ago

thanks :)

Jennifer C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

Sheri P.
Sheri P7 years ago

I still have not gotten the courage to try this...although I know I really need to! Those products are so much cheaper and more natural...

Melissa Willardson
Mel Willardson7 years ago

You mentioned that you had a green tint. I am assuming that it is from chlorine and heard that if you put ketchup in your hair it takes the green out.

Barbara K.
Barbara K7 years ago

I wanna try this to

Ruth Napolitano
R n7 years ago

I seem to be short of the links to days 3&4. Did I miss them or did they not happen?? I'd appreciate it, if they do exist, for someone to send them to me.

Beth Weatherbee
Beth Weatherbee7 years ago

Interesting! Thank you for sharing!

Iona Kentwell
Iona Kentwell7 years ago

I'm intrigued and tempted. I used to be a no product washer, just massage and rinse in water with a little oil for condition, but I gave up the neglect and don't know if I could go back. I use beautiful, effective organic products in plant based bottles but it still feels wasteful to buy these bottles and then throw them out. Maybe I coulod give this a try.