Nonlocal Events

According to best-selling author and metaphysical pioneer Larry Dossey, M.D., nonlocal events have three important qualities that distinguish them from events confined to the physical world: They are correlated, and this correlation is unmediated, unmitigated, and immediate. Let’s briefly explore what he means by this.

The behavior of two or more subatomic events is acausally interrelated, meaning that “one event is not the cause of another event, yet the behavior of one is immediately correlated or coordinated with the other.” In other words, they seem to be dancing to the same tune, even though they are not communicating with each other in the conventional sense. This is the meaning of unmediated.

The correlation between these nonlocal events is also unmitigated, which means that the strength of the correlation remains undiminished with distance in space and time. If you were in the nonlocal domain, I would be heard clearly, regardless of whether I was standing right next to you, across the street, a mile away, or even on another continent.

Third, immediate means that no travel time is needed for nonlocal events. We are all familiar with the fact that light and sound travel at different speeds. With nonlocal events there is no such lag time, because nonlocal correlations do not follow the laws of classical physics. There is no signal, there is no light, and there is no sound. There is no “thing” that has to travel.

Correlations between events that occur at the nonlocal or virtual level occur instantly, without cause, and without any weakening over time or distance. Nonlocal intelligence is everywhere at once, and can cause multiple effects simultaneously in various locations.

It is from this virtual domain that everything in the world is organized and synchronized. This, then, is the source of the coincidences that are so important to synchrodestiny. When you learn to live from this level, you can spontaneously fulfill your every desire. You can create miracles.

Adapted from The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press).


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Vicky L.
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OK, very nice inspiring article. So where do we go from here towards putting this nice theory into practice? How do we learn to live at this level and make miracles happen?
And why do all the quantum-spiritual articles end with an open promise and no direction? Is magic something we all have to discover for ourselves or just the occasional 'aha' moments of which we have no control? Too many questions, not enough time in whole eternity...

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