Obama Announces 54.5 MPG Fuel Economy Standard

By 2025, many Americans will spend significantly less time — and money — at the gas pump.

Today, President Obama announced an historic agreement that will nearly double the fuel efficiency of cars and light-duty trucks. Working with 13 major automakers, the United Auto Workers (UAW) and the State of California, the agreement will push the average fuel economy standard to 54.5 miles per gallon between 2017-2025.

The new standard will have a dramatic impact on oil consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and, of course, consumers’ wallets. Americans will save $1.7 trillion in fuel costs, with the typical family seeing more than $8,000 in savings per vehicle over time.

President Obama also noted that the agreement “represents the single most important step we’ve ever taken as a nation to reduce our dependence on foreign oil”.

The environment doesn’t make out too badly in the deal either — the standard is projected to reduce carbon dioxide pollution by 6 billion metric tons.


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Yulan Lawson
Yulan Lawson6 years ago

We pay nearly $1:50 a litre in Australia.

Danuta Watola
Danuta W6 years ago

thanks for the info

Nils Lunde
PlsNoMessage se6 years ago

Hmmmm, this could have been yeeeeeaaaaaars ago! If governments really wanted to do something with it it had been done in the 30`s or earlier. It`s only money money money= control control control. Nothing less.

Bruce H.
Bruce H6 years ago

This is total BS. I bought a standard gasoline engine car in 1991 that got 55 to 60 mpg and could hit 80 mph. Can anyone tell me why, if we could do it over 20 years ago, we can't do it now? The sticker price on this car was $ 8,000.
Look at the price of fuel. By the time the raise the mpg, it will still cost the same or more. We'll likely be spending more since the price of fuel will be 3 or more times what it is now.
They make all this feel good noise and do nothing.

Glenn A.
Glenn A7 years ago

The electric vehicle has been around since 1918, and was doing fairly well, till Henry Ford brought in assembly-line production, thus making cars faster than anyone else could, and he just happend to have used the internal combustion engine instead of the electric one...thus, the demand for fossil fuels began thier climb to infamy...and the oil companies began to make so much money, they had enough to start a smear-campaign against electrics that prevails to this day...There have been (as mentioned here several times) many attempts to PROVE that a gasoline vehicle can get 75 to 100 MPG for decades..Google the LaForce engine as 1 example..75 MPG in 1973 with a Dodge Dart with a 318...that just kinda dissapeared mysteriously overnight, and look at the GM fully electric vehicle of a couple decades ago..just got pulled off the marked and destroyed..for no real reason. Big Oil has a death grip on politicians, and I don't see that changing very soon, as long as society runs on the current make as much money as you can, damn the concequences system we now live with!!

Youssef A.
Youssef A7 years ago

"Do not Corrupt the earth..." (Quran 7:56)

Jerry t.
Jerold t7 years ago

Shell has already made engines that can do 150 MPH. But that is not profitable.
Engines run on fumes, not gasoline. You can put you're cigarette out in a can of gasoline. The young man who made the vapor carburetor mysteriously got killed in Texas.
If you have a Diesel engine, you can run on peanut oil with no adjustments. Standard oil won't tell you that. The man who invented the Diesel engine, Mr Diesel, was mysteriously killed in the UK. After he died, Standard Oil said it would only run on special Diesel oil.
Baa baa sheeple, have you any wool? YES SIR! YES SIR! Three blindfolds fool.
Oh, by the way, all gas companies are Standard oil. They played the name game decades ago when the monopoly was supposedly broken up.
Instead of fighting for more mileage, which will be eaten alive by more driving, how about less usage of the auto?
No one in my family owns an auto. It would be nice to hear more of that from others.

Bill K.
Bill K7 years ago

like all new technologies the cost of hybrids and other innovations will drop dramatically as more people buy them. remember, it was only 30 years or so ago that computers were so expensive schools couldn't even buy one but had to contract with nearby colleges and use phone modems so students could learn computers. now computers have become so small and cheap (relatively) that they are practically a disposable item.

Kathie Z.
Kathie Zirngibl7 years ago

I think it's great to have a focus on building more efficient cars, but I hope we're never required to drive hybrids unless the govt. is willing to subsidize some of the cost for low income families. I'd love to be driving a hybrid, but there is no way I can afford one or any brand new car for that matter. I do the best I can by driving a used four cylander car for daily commutes and saving the trucks for hauling only. What gets me is the people who drive those big pickups and SUV's as the family car. That needs to stop.

Dolores M.
Dolores M7 years ago

Good luck with that! We need to start now by purchasing the smaller cars that already get higher MPGs. Until Americans get off the "bigger is better" fad, we will continue to pollute the environment.