Office Exercise: Try a Walking Meeting!

Nilofer Merchant has a great idea for sneaking in some office exercise without hurting your creativity: the walking meeting!

Do you feel there’s just no time for exercise? Between busy work and family life, it can definitely feel that way! What I love about this walking meeting idea is that not only is it a way to sneak activity into your busy schedule, but it just might make your meetings more enjoyable, more productive, and more creative!

Check out the video above to see how Merchant got this idea and how it’s impacted her life.

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Like she touches on in the video, sitting all day is not healthy, and it might not be so great for our creativity and mental health, either. Most folks with a typical office job spend eight hours a day in a chair, and all of that sitting takes a toll on our bodies: we’re burning fewer calories, we’re not doing our hearts any favors, and the position we’re in is hard on our backs and legs.

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My favorite part of the walking meeting is that it gives you and the person you’re meeting with a chance to get outside and get the benefits of not just exercise but a healthy dose of vitamin D and the creative stimulation that comes with a change of scenery.

Making Walking Work

As I watched, there was one potential hitch that came to mind, and I think I have a good solution for it. I don’t know about you guys, but I take notes when I’m in a meeting. It’s hard to write while you’re walking, and taking paper or even electronic written notes while you’re walking could even be a little dangerous, if you’re on the clumsy side. Here’s my solution:

Record it!

There are lots of smart phone apps you can use to take audio recordings, and the more I think about this option, the more it seems like recorded notes might actually be better than written ones.

How often do you really go back to meeting notes? Maybe half the time? When you do need to go back, you can listen to the recording and take your notes then, after your brain has had a chance to process what you talked about.

Another benefit to recording the meeting is that it can help clear up any confusion later on. Scratched-out notes can be a little bit tough to interpret days or weeks later, but if you have a recording, you can go back and find out exactly what you and your coworker discussed. Verbatim!

Do any of you take one-on-one meetings on foot instead of in an office or conference room? I’d love to hear how you’re making walking meetings work!

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Naomi Dreyer
Naomi Dreyer2 years ago

Good idea if it fits one's life and business style.

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Oh god no! I do walking jobs whole of my life...please no...

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what an idea sirji..excellent...thanks..will try to follow it..i also have some information on Walking.. see it on the link -

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Wonderful idea.

LMj Sunshine
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Wonderful idea.

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