Organic Pumpkins at Ardenwood Farms

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Ardenwood Historic Farm is a working farm, located across the bay in Fremont. One of †the oldest working farms in California, you can take an easy half-mile walk through the park to learn its history and to meet some of the resident animals.

Along with typical farm activities, Ardenwood offers Victorian gardens, a blacksmith shop, the original homestead and organic vegetables.

They are one of the few growers of organic pumpkins open to the public and they offer other family-oriented fall and Halloween activities including a giant hay pyramid for climbing, a hay maze and a tractor ride.

The Bay Area is home to several fabulous and award-winning pumpkin farms, though most do not list themselves as organic, they are local, and most have been around several decades and engage in sustainable practices. Red Tricycle San Francisco has a good list of these†family-friendly pumpkin patches around the bay.

-Jocelyn Broyles

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We use to grow pumpkins then invite families from the City to come out for a fun day. The kids got to pick & cut their own pumpkins (of course with adult supervision so no one was hurt!). It was so fun to see the little one's eyes light up & head for the biggest ones they could find!! Great memories!!!!

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Thanks for the article.

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Thanks for the article and information. Looks like a great day trip for my daughter and me.

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Sounds beautiful, would love to go there.