Papaya Recalled Due to Salmonella Contamination

By Margaret Badore for

News of food products being recalled seems to be just as commonplace these days as news of high gas prices, growing obesity numbers, and what Kate Middleton is wearing. It’s a sign that our burgeoning food industry isn’t free of contamination. And while it’s easy to point our fingers at processed, manufactured foods, even the freshest are often pulled from shelves.

This week, news broke that papayas were being recalled due to salmonella. Papayas distributed by Agromod, a Texas company, were recalled after reports of nearly 100 cases of salmonella in 23 states. The papayas originated in Mexico and were imported to the U.S. in McAllen, Texas. Two samples of the papaya were identified as being contaminated with salmonella, one in Mexico and the other in McAllen.

Agromod papayas are sold whole and unprocessed under four brand names: Yaya, Mananita, Tastylicious, and Blondie. The distributor announced via press release that the recall affects papayas sold before July 23, 2011.

Single illness reports have been made in each of the following states: California, Georgia, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, New York, Virginia, Washington, Nebraska and Wisconsin. Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Ohio, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

Consumers who have bought the Blondie, Yaya, MaŮanita, and Tastylicious Brand papayas are encouraged to return them to the point of purchase. Consumers with any questions about this recall should call (800) 385-7658.

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Thank you.

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the more phases to get to market, the more places where potential contamination can occur--a buy local argument

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Meo may be right.

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Dale Overall

Food poisoning can happen in almost anything be it Salmonella or other. Even fruit that has not be fertilized with animal sourced manures can get contaminated. People have to educated themselves in food safety and preparation and be careful with food prepared outside the home as well.

Some will blame animal sources for all food poisoning but one has to be aware that food with no contact with animals in any form of farming/growing still can be affected even at times our own organic garden produce.

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Thanks for the info.

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