Patagonia and Luvo Name Female and Foodie CEOs

It’s unfortunately not every day that women are named CEO of a major company, but recently that was indeed the case. Rose Marcario has been named as the new CEO of outdoor apparel giant Patagonia. She’s also the first woman to lead the company in 20 years.

Christine Day, former CEO of Lululemon, has taken up the CEO position for Luvo, a startup trying to make healthy food convenient and accessible.

These two women have more in common than their gender and the fact they’re at the top of two companies. They’re also focused on healthy, sustainable food.

Marcario has been with Patagonia since 2008. Now as the CEO she’ll take on projects like growing Patagonia Provisions, a new line of sustainable food. One of the offerings from the line is wild salmon, sourced from the north Pacific. Currently, the food is available on a website and in Patagonia’s U.S. stores.

According to Marcario, there is hope to expand the line to be sold in Whole Foods and similar stores. “We’re thinking about broader distribution,” she told Forbes. “We’ve always approached things carefully and rolled things out slowly.”

Moving less slowly is Luvo, which sells healthy frozen entrees that feature less than 500 calories and 500 mg of sodium. They are currently available in many grocery stores, including Costco branches.

Frozen meals won’t be Luvo’s only offering for long, however. With Day as CEO, Luvo will add flatbreads and desserts to its line this year. The company is also working to open several quick-service bistros at locations like malls, hospitals, college campuses, and airports to promote the idea that fast food can be healthy.

Speaking of airports, Luvo has also signed a deal with Delta Airlines meaning their food will soon be served at a cruising altitude.

Day and Marcario are two women in power who are making positive changes to their respective companies. They’re also promoting the expansion of healthy and sustainable food choices to everyone, whether they are hiking through the terrain or soaring above it.


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