Feel the Energy of the Peaceful Goddess

The following meditation has been designed to assist you in opening your heart to the rich transformative power of love, release your tensions and fears, and fill your luminous energy body with radiance so that you can fully experience the divine grace and blessings of the peaceful goddesses.

Let the energy of Isis, Mary, Kuan Yin, and Tara offer you the means to inner peace:

Begin by sitting in a comfortable position with your spine straight. Close your eyes and turn your thoughts inward. Take a deep breath and allow your inner awareness to concentrate in your heart, the seat of the indestructible essence of your being. Breathe out, letting your mind and senses expand into the world. Breathe into your heart, and breathe out to the world. Gaze into your heart and out at the world.

As you continue to breathe in and out, notice any pain or anxiety in your being. If you observe yourself carefully, you will begin to notice that any discomfort, stress, or tension that you feel may be coming not from a disturbance of your physical body, but from confusion in your mind. Lost in a deluge of anger, worry, desire, greed, jealousy, and so forth, your thoughts and feelings spiral around you like a swirling eddy of wind.

Let your breathing soften as you focus again on that clear empty ground of being at the center of your heart. Journey deep into the inner realm of the feminine, into the womb of creation, into the bindu, or source, the still point of the heart of manifestation.

Breathe in. Let the goddessís soothing darkness envelop you. Breathe out. Feel your entire being yield to her spaciousness. Allow your mind–your watcher, the voice that incessantly chatters inside your head–to relax and dissolve into the Goddessís all-embracing emptiness. Release the last remnants of your anger, fear, and frustration as you imagine yourself sitting on a pure and delicate lotus flower that is gently floating in the clear endless ocean of the Goddessís heart.

No longer are you in the world of darkness and pain; you have transcended that world and awakened to the realm of the wise, merciful, and loving Goddess.

Breathe in the liquid light of the Goddess. Breathe out. Feel its pure healing energy radiating through the petals of the lotus, imbuing them with life. Sense this divine energy of the Goddess pouring into your thinhs, knees, calves, and feet, washing away any tension or pain you hold there. Breathe in, letting the warm nurturing energy flow upward through your central channel of your central nervous system to your second chakra, two inches below your navel. Breathe out. Feel how the warmth of this sacred energy stimulates its petals to gently turn and spread.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Let your entire pelvis be impregnated by the radiant moisture of this blessed liquid light.

With each inhalation and exhalation feel the potency of this cleansing light spiraling up your central channel and washing through every cell of your body. Open yourself to the transformative power of the pure healing light. Drown yourself in this ocean of love and be born anew. Picture yourself as the Great Goddess herself, sailing lightly upon the vast sparkling ocean on a glowing white moon, sending sparkling waves of love, compassion, and exaltation to all sentient beings.

Adapted from The Path of the Priestess, by Sharron Rose (Inner Traditions, 2002). Copyright (c) 2002 by Sharron Rose. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from The Path of the Priestess, by Sharron Rose (Inner Traditions, 2002).


Celeste Yarnall
Celeste Yarnall6 years ago

What a beautiful meditation! I love it!