Personalize Flower Healing Baths

Create your own bath according to your own needs based on the American Floral Vocabulary, or “language of flowers,” which was popular in the late 1800s and recorded the symbolic meanings and attractive powers of many common American flowers.

Add the flower to your bath that represents the attributes (or attribute) you want to draw into your life and bathe in the normal way. Find out each flower’s language, here:

Almond: Hope.

Bay: Glory.

Buttercup: Wealth.

Cowslip: Grace.

Dahlia: Elegance.

Fennel: Strength.

Heliotrope: Loyalty.

Lily (white): Purity.

Magnolia: Blessings of nature.

Olive: Peace.

Poppy: The power of dreams.

Rose (red): Love.

Star of Bethlehem: Reconciliation.

Strawflower: Spirituality.

Tulip: Influence over others.

Violet: Faithfulness.

Witch hazel: Magical powers.

Adapted from Plant Spirit Shamanism, by Ross Heaven and Howard G. Charing (Destiny Books, 2006). Copyright (c) 2006 by Heaven and Charing. Reprinted by permission of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Plant Spirit Shamanism, by Ross Heaven and Howard G. Charing (Destiny Books, 2006).


Tonya Freeman
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This brings a smile. Taking flower baths or spiritual healing baths is something that I quite enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

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Delightful and tranquil, nothing like flowers and a relaxing bath!

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sounds like the ultimate in flower pampering!

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