Gift Idea: Spiced Up Organic Coffees

Here’s a easy-to-make, thoughtful and customizable gift idea for every coffee lover on your list.

Since most flavored coffees are full of artificial flavors and aren’t made from organic beans, the solution is to make your own brew at home. By blending your own naturally flavored coffees, you can customize the taste perfectly to your recipient’s liking.

Add fresh hazelnuts, chili peppers, cinnamon sticks, cayenne pepper, or cocoa nibs–whatever you like–to whole coffee right before grinding. A little goes a long way so be conservative when adding the flavors.

Package them in a small paper or cloth bag and attach a label, tie on a ribbon of natural twine and voila!

And always, always use fair trade coffee.

Adapted from Simply Green Parties by Danny Seo (HarperCollins Publishers, 2006).


Dale O.

Looks and tastes fabulous.

Betty C.
Betty C6 years ago


Robert O.
Robert O6 years ago


Vernon W.
Vernon Wells9 years ago

if you want recipes all are for a single pot of fresh brewed coffee add when grinding
cinnamon coffee 1/2 stick
cardamon 1/2 teaspoon
peppermint 1/2 small stick or 3 drops oil
personal favorite
adding my cocoa to my coffee

Katrina Schumann
Katrina Schumann9 years ago

I put candy canes on Christmas trees for years as the ornament at work. People had never even thought of that. You simply stir your coffee, teas, or cocoa with one: adding peppermint or whatever flavoring you choose! And for the recipe: she GAVE it to you! Add a couple of hazelnuts; 2 to a small pot & if overwhelming, just use 1 next time. Kind of like sugar: some prefer NONE, some prefer 1/2 tsp, some up to 3 tsp or more! you can google & find all kinds & just adapt it to your preference!

Eileen Oneill
Eileen Oneill9 years ago

who needs recipes for adding a bit of flavor to coffee? Personal preferences man! This is a great post, a reminder for an easy, personalized gift idea. Thanks JB and Care2!

Ryan Balas
.9 years ago

I'm sorry guys and gals but, these blog posts from experts or whatever they are supposed to be are near worthless.

They all seem to be following a formula from someone that tells them to "...leave your reader wanting more." - so, they will subscribe to your articles, buy your books, etc.

And soon, you will be making more money than ever!!!

Telling people to spice up their coffee without so much as a simple recipe? Switching to a raw diet by simply mentioning how great you felt and neglecting to offer cautions? Even the great D.C. who lifts one liners from his extensive book collection - a scrap for you and a scrap for you.

The Disclaimer from Care2 has more detail.